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Last Updated 26/08/01

Dave's Sevens Page

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Hello and welcome to my seven homepage. This page is about sevens in general and mine in particular. I bought the car 2nd hand from Caterham in 1998. Since the car was ready built I thought I'd build a website to go with it.

If you've no idea what a 7 is then here's a quick summary. It's a car based on (in some way) the Lotus seven produced from 1957 to 1973. Caterham took on the Lotus design in 1973 and still produce them, other manufacturers have their own interpretations. It's very quick as it is so light at anywhere between 400 and 700 kg compared to 1300 for a Golf and 2500 for a Bentley. This means hot hatch performance from the slowest 7 with say 70 bhp up to being the production car lap record holder round the old Nurburgring (the Nordschlief in Germany) with a 7:56 using 230 bhp and 470 kg. A Porsche 911 GT3 has a very similar time despite being 40mph faster along the 3 mile straight - in a corner nothing can touch a seven. Motorbikes actually hold you up in corners but are similar on a straight.

The first thing I recommend you do if you are interested in buying a seven is to join the se7ens e-mail list. This is a e-mailing community of nearly 1000 non-denominational or snobby seveners that will happily answer any question that you might have ranging from the most basic (will I fit in a Caterham) to the most complex and technical queries. It will also allow you to get in contact with someone who lives nearby that is willing to show you their seven - anywhere in the world!



Finally finished the Euro report. I've not checked it for spelling, grammar, sense etc yet though. So, get yourself a (very - for 'tis quite long) large mug of cocoa and settle back to read about the best thing you can do in the best car you can buy :)

Also goto The Daily Telegraph to see a review of the new Caterham SV and Caterhams in general as well.

The Euro and Haggis reports continue to progress. They now now have pictures and although Haggis is only in rough note form Euro is done up to the end of day 8. I seem to be taking longer as I do each day - day 7 is HUGE! I've also been cleaning/polishing the car, busy, down the pub..... I'll finish it eventually alright! :)

In the meantime go to the main Euro2001 site to see Rob Day's pictures and some more succint diaries.

It's been a while since the last update since which I've been to Euro2001 and the Haggis Hunt. The reports on these will evolve over the next few days. My car is also having some work done to improve its spec so have a look at the new R 706 KGU :)

A few minor changes and I've split the site onto two accounts as my ISP only gives 10Mb per user. This *should* be entirely transparent - please let me know if it isn't :)

Until my film is developed this will be the last load of updates for a while:
  • Pretty much finished off the options page for those I'm familiar with
  • Spell checked most of the site - the longer articles still nead reading through though
  • renamed a couple of pictures so the links should work now

The site format has been changed a bit and I've done another few pages:
  • the links page
  • made a start on the options page
  • the suspension types page
  • More pictures on the tyres and Scandi pages

A lot of things done today, I've:
  • Added a report on the Scandi2000 holiday - needs more pictures when they've been developed
  • Done the tyres article but it also needs more pictures and links
  • The servicing schedule is pretty much done but I need to check a few things
  • I've also added some pictures of me and the car on the move.
  • The seat repair page is done.