DOCTOR D , also known as the 'SURGEON OF SOUND' , has earned these nicknames by inspiring the regulars at his clubs in Manchester to come up with moniker's that describe the journey he takes them on from hard garage dubs to techno and even acidic trance.
When asked recently if he had always been into house music his answer mirrored the history of acid house in Manchester. THE DOC (as he is known to his close friends) started out as a soul DJ at a famous Manchester club "THE RENO".

'We had to work from 11pm till about 5am each morning, seven nights a week. That's where I learned to pace myself and read a crowd. I then started a sound system with some friends, one of whom was Sasha. After we split up I used the equipment as a PA system. We did loads of small raves in clubs like Konspiracy and vogue. I met 808 STATE and joined their DJ team, The Spinmasters . I then met the ORB and joined their DJ team The Three Musketeers '.


With the exception of guest some appearances at various nightclubs and bars. The DOC spend's most of his time pursuing his computer career, html code fills his nights, Photoshop occupies his days. Even week ends are spent on ftp sessions. So there hasn't been a lot of time for "deck doctoring". That's all about to change. Spring see's The Doc once again embark on his mission to entertain the masses, or the lucky few, depending on how lucky you are.

Xmas - New Years 2004

Feb 05

Call back to this site for details.

I'm collecting archive from my favorite nites. They will be available as mixes soon.

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