Ralph Morgan has led this walk twice in 1999, on 10th Jan and again on the 17th Oct. Margaret Vatcher also offered a very similar walk on 16th Jan 2000 as an addition to the published walks list which didn't have a walk on that day.

Considering it wasn't on the original walks list, the word got around well and we got over 30 people out on a crisp and bright winter day. It is a pleasant walk from Yelverton down through Clearbrook and along the valley of the river Meavy to Shaugh Bridge and then back up the valley on the opposite side until the outskirts of Yelverton. The description of the walk is for the first winter one. Transpose cold crisp to warm but breezy autumnal scenes and the second walk is also covered.

Margaret had a variation in that she did't go down via Clearbrook and the river but went across the moor. The variation is shown in red on the route map below

The first walk was the first Sunday posted walk in 1999 of the local Ramblers and the sun shone on a cold crisp Sunday morning on 10th Jan. Cold it certainly was, with a very heavy frost, which remained throughout the day in areas in shadow. The sun certainly brought the ramblers out and we had between 60 and 70 of the group setting out. Amongst them was John Beaglehole, so we had 3 milking stools this time. One year later, we have quite a few more and I have now seen 10 ramblers carrying them.

At 10.30 we duly convened at the large car park at the Leg of Mutton Car Park at Yelverton for the briefing from Ralph, the leader and Bob regarding the Autumn Chammonix Valley walking holiday in the French Alps.

We set off across the old Yelverton wartime aerodrome to the Rock, crossed the busy main road and set off down towards Clearbrook, skirting the old water carrying leats. With approaching 70 walkers we soon got spread out, talk about the walking army. A couple of stiles managed to spread us out further. Down to the Skylark Inn at Clearbrook, across the road and we had our first official stop.

Coffee break and damp grass to sit on, at least for the majority but I did notice a couple of other ramblers, in addition to the three of us, who had stools, doubtless more will slowly give in to the creature comforts but its going to take time. Clear and cold it remained all day but very sunny. We were soon on our way down to pick up the path of the old Plymouth to Princetown railway. Most cyclists were coming in the opposite direction, it is a designated cycle route on the Plymouth cyclist routes.

There were unsurprisingly many more cyclists on the Autumn walk! We soon dropped down to the River Meavy which was not in torrent, surprising considering the rain that we have had over the past weeks. Some minor clambering was required as we kept right alongside the river bank. When we neared Shaugh Bridge we briefly left the river and made it to the road. Crossing over Shaugh Bridge, we turned and crossed a footbridge over the River Plym, which was running rather more fiercely than the Meavy.

This brought us onto National Trust property at Goodmeavy where there was a stop for lunch. The leader had chosen wisely as it was very scenic and also plenty of room for the big group to sit and eat. It was now about 1 PM.

Following lunch we followed the river Meavy upstream along the South bank, a steady but easy climb virtually the whole way back to near Clearbrook. We passed under the Dewerstone, barely noticing it, we would have done had we climbed it! We had a brief impromptu stop by the scouts centre house and then continued on up to near Clearbrook.

A brief stop here for tea and we were off again having made it to the north side of the river. A little mud but nothing to speak of. We continued along the bank until we met the first signs of houses indicating we were approaching Yelverton. We left the river and walked up a steepish road, which led up to the main Plymouth Road and the Rock. We all made it safely across the road and we had about a half a mile to go across the airfield and we were back at the car park and it was just gone 3PM.

We had covered between 8 and 9 miles, in bright sunshine, but low temperatures the whole day. A very pleasant way of spending a Sunday and hopefully one of many this year.