The Scala first appeared in the UK in 1987. Originally it had the 1.8 carb engine, but later had the injection engine when the GTX was phased out. Colour coding was everywhere on this model. Bodykit, seats, mirrors, bumpers, wheels and even the Scala logo matched the body colour. Tail lights were either black or white.

Colour choices were Alpine white with Lasky white seats, Helios blue with Mauritius blue seats, Paprika red with Carmine red seats or Sapphire metallic with Dove grey seats. The Scala started out as a special edition, but eventually replaced the GTX.

Phase 1

Helios blue Scala


Paprika red Scala.


 Alpine white Scala.


Sapphire blue Scala. 


Scalas came with black or white tail lights.


The Scala interior. Dove grey from a Sapphire metallic car.


Lasky white Scala interior.


Mauritius blue Scala interior.


Carmine red Scala interior.


Scalas originally came with this 1.8 90bhp carb engine. It was later replaced with the 1.8 112bhp injection engine. In some countries, the Scala had the option of the 16v engine.


Phase 2

1990 Scala injection. Late models had new colour choices.


Later Scalas shared the same interior as the GTII. This trim is called "Designer check" (Mode-karo). Code 48


The last of the German spec Scalas came with this 'Quartet cube' trim. Hermelin white (code FK Normal seats, FQ sports seats) pictured above.

  Black (FJ/FP) and Mauritius blue (FS/FT).

The Scala sales and intern brochures can be downloaded from