We are now including Three Pages of information on Exuvia

    The first page is for U.K.species,now we are adding pictures of Emergents,where we have them.

      The second page is the Japanese exhibits,from Yoshihiko.

      The third page contains a copy of the Field Notes on Exuvia,written by Gill Brooks,with some extra data from other sources.(NOTE: these two pages are about 110kbs each,which may make a slow download!)

    comparison chart below:-   276kbs!

many1a.gif (282153 bytes) 
  Top row---Black Darter,Red Darter,Common Darter and Crocothemis.
  Lower row---Keeled,Cancellatum,Depressa.

Demonstrates size and shape.        20 U.K.species shown.

gran6.jpg (2866926 bytes)  Aeshna grandis                     quad.2.jpg (33058 bytes)   Libellula quadrimaculata 
                            wide labium                                                        Flattened spines  4 - 8
                            stipes on head and thorax                                  Furry end
                            over 38 mm
                            banded legs

                                                                              Quadrimaculata.emergent.jpg (36796 bytes)  Emergent Quadrimaculata


anax2.jpg (22925 bytes)   Anax Imperator      Emperor.emergent.2.jpg (29383 bytes)              black2.jpg (8698 bytes)   Sympetrum danae
                             in excess of 50mm    Anax emergent                                        short spines
                             flat head                                                                                        half of segment 9

brachy2.jpg (30432 bytes)   Brachytron pratense             cancel2.jpg (25924 bytes)  Orthetrum cancellatum
                             smallhead                                                            more than 20mm
                             long body                                                             no spine on segment 7 

Brachytron.emergent.1.jpg (33464 bytes)  Brachytron Emergent             Cancellatum with exuvia.jpg (48319 bytes)  Cancellatum with Exuvia 


comd2.jpg (21053 bytes)    Sympetrum striolatum        coer2.jpg (16838 bytes)    Orthetrum coerulescens
                              long spines                                                           less than 20mm
                              twice segment 9                                                    usually covered with mud
                                                                                                              small spine on segment 7

                                                                                Keeled.emergent.1.jpg (48900 bytes)   Emergent Keeled


cordu2.jpg (23156 bytes)   Cordulia aenea                      cyan2.jpg (21771 bytes)    Aeshna cyanea
                              3 plus dorsal spines                                             Long,narrow labium
                              diagonal marks on thorax

                                                                               Southern Hawker.emergent.1.jpg (26082 bytes)  Emergent Southern


depre2a.jpg (25156 bytes)   Libellula depressa                 dubia.2.jpg (22666 bytes)    Leucorrhinia dubia
                             Teeth deep and rounded                                     3 dark lines on underside
                             segments 4 to 8                                                      of abdomen

Depressa with exuvia.1.jpg (24926 bytes)  Depressa with Exuvia

exuv2.jpg (20154 bytes)   misc.                                          gomphus2.jpg (29798 bytes)   Gomphus vulgatissimus
                                                                                                              abdomen wide and flat

juncea2.jpg (27531 bytes)   Aeshna juncea                         lgered2.jpg (25386 bytes)    Pyrrhosoma nymphula
                            wide labium                                                            cross mark
                            no marks on thorax

metall2.jpg (28072 bytes)   Somatochlora metallica          mixta2.jpg (26446 bytes)   Aeshna mixta
                             4 spines                                                                    less than 38mm
                             dark spots on dorsa                                                row of dotsl
                             no marks on thorax

Metallica.emergent.F.1.jpg (26259 bytes)  Emergent Metallica-Female


sanguin.2.jpg (18133 bytes)   Sympetrum sanguineum       splendens2.jpg (18538 bytes)   Calopteryx splendens
                             segment 9 equal to spines