compiled by Gill Brooks,with our additions,from a number of sources.


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We use this in the field and give it away to others interested in Exuvia.

There is a shortage of information in One place.We find Peter Miller's information supplements that in Hammond,originally from Gardner.

Cynthia Longfield has some information and drawings in her volume.

But one of the best is Lt,-Col. F.C.Fraser, I.M.S.---Handbook for the Identification of British Insects---Odonata,   reprinted 17th July 1956. by Royal Entomological Society of London.Believed to be currently out-of-print.Pity they cant reprint it, there must be a new audience awaiting it.


   Some of the best pictures are in:--

Heiko Bellman's  LIBELLEN

and in d'Aguilar and Dommanget's LIBELLULES D'Europe et D'afrique Nord.

Even if probably taken in Fish-tanks they provide a valuable reference.My French or German is not good enough to sort it out from the text.



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