The Toothed Fungi are possibly endangered and research into their whereabouts has been taking place in Hampshire,over the last two seasons.
    We have been in the field looking for the Fungi,which are not the easiest to find.Our experience is that you are more likely to happen on one of the species than locate it by searching.

Pictures of our recent finds are shown below to help with identification and raise awareness.

The Hericiums are Toothed Fungi attached to Trees,Branches or Stumps.

Creolophus cirrhatus.

creo95.2.jpg (16063 bytes) creo95.3.jpg (17746 bytes)    creo96n.1.jpg (19270 bytes)         creo97.1.jpg (15407 bytes) creo97.j2.jpg (17055 bytes)

1995   found on Birch                 1995 1996            1997   found on Birch
                                              poor second growth               

Hericium coralloides

corall.1d.jpg (20986 bytes) corall.5d.jpg (24579 bytes) corall.d3.jpg (20013 bytes) corall.d6.jpg (24483 bytes)

1998     on a fallen Beech branch

Hericium erinaceum

erin.j1.jpg (22491 bytes) Erinaceum.1.jpg (19821 bytes)

1998      on the cut end of a fallen Beech.

Sarcodon scabrosus

scabr2.jpg (27607 bytes) scabr3.jpg (26193 bytes) scabr6.jpg (30564 bytes)                    scabr.jpg (21349 bytes)

1997    Under a Sweet Chestnut Tree                                1999   poor second
                                                                                     appearance,same tree.

Auriscalpum vulgare   or  Earpick fungus                   

earpick.j1.jpg (19145 bytes) earpick.j2.jpg (15661 bytes)

found on Cones,in Conifer woods.


hedge.d1.jpg (19438 bytes) hyd.ruf.j.jpg (16421 bytes)

repandum           rufuscens

both found in mixed woods

Hydnellum concrescens

H.concrescens.jpg (22566 bytes)                H.concrecens.arena.jpg (24181 bytes) H.concrescens.canal.jpg (35709 bytes) H.concrescens.clay.jpg (17463 bytes)

1997 Claycart                  1999 Arena        1999 Canal       1999 Claycart

All found under Deciduous trees,mainly Oak.
The 1997 picture is of immature specimens. 

Phellodon confluens

P.confluens.1.jpg (27596 bytes) P.confluens.3.jpg (28243 bytes) P.confluens.4.jpg (20280 bytes) P.confluens.5.jpg (29552 bytes)  P.confluens.6.jpg (27277 bytes) 

Found recently on the side of the towpath of the Basingstoke Canal,under Oak and Bramble.
The Canal is lined with Clay,which seems to be associated with this species.
First found as two "White blobs"One was washed to reveal the "Treacle" colours of
the species.Teeth are pale gray and the spores white.Gone to a "herbarium" for safe keeping.