The British Dragonfly Society has some 1,300 members,who are interested in the health of the British Dragonfly population.A number of them are also keenly interested in the Dragonflies of Other Countries.

Further information on the Society can be obtained from the Secretary: Bill Wain,The Haywain,Hollywater Road,Bordon,Hants.GU35 0AD.


Dragonfly recording---from 1998--we will once again be recording All dragonfly species in the field.

This follows sometime spent on the Rare Dragonfly Project,which for a while were the only records required.

The new DARTER software is now used to collate the field records,considerably reducing the manual transcription connected with the RA70 recording card.

Field trips are organised on a National and Regional level.The Nationals are in the twice yearly Newsletter and the local ones by word of mouth or Local Newsletters.



Ash_Aqueduct.jpg (16751 bytes)  Ash_Embankment.JPG (17102 bytes)  B.D.S.Group.jpg (17735 bytes)  BDS_at_Thursley.jpg (18978 bytes)  Canal_Plate.73.jpg (21570 bytes)

Dubia_Pond.Thursley.jpg (29194 bytes)  dubia.m2a.jpg (9945 bytes)  Emergent_DubiaThursley.92.jpg (10555 bytes)  exuvia.neg.73.jpg (19747 bytes) Praenublia.2.jpg (12655 bytes) 

1. Ash Aqueduct  
2. Ash Embankment
3. B.D.S.Meeting
4.New Noticeboard at Thursley
5.Plate on Aqueduct
6.Dubia Pond at Thursley
7.Male Dubia,before the boardwalk was put in.
8.Emergent Dubia,1992 from the Pond.
9.Exuvia plate
10.Praenubila found on the 1998 Dubia Hunt.



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