Formed in 1989 to record the local Dragonfly species.                        
    The area chosen for the main research effort was a
    block of 16 ten-kilometre squares giving some overlap
    into Surrey and Berkshire.                        
               66   76   86   96                        
               65   75   85   95                        
               64   74   84   94                        
               63   73   83   93                        
    A considerable amount of land is owned by the M.O.D.
    which provides some conservation possibilities.
    Considerable mineral extraction has taken place in the
    area providing extra waterbodies for the expansion of
    the Dragonfly population.                        
    The area has several rivers and the Basingstoke Canal
    which has been the subject of much research following
    the re-opening to boat traffic.The Canal has a basic
    problem with its water supply and as a result for much
    of the year the locks remain closed to traffic.The water
    is possibly reducing in quality and observation of the
    more sensitive Dragonfly species seems to confirm this.
    There seems to be a shift in species out of Hampshire,
    where nearly all the water is above Ash Lock,into
    the Surrey section,which has many locks.                        
    The area also contains the prime site for Dragonflies
    in the United Kingdom.Thursley National Nature Reserve
    has some 26 species on a regular basis and can host
    immigrants,if they can be found in such a large site.
    The White-faced Darter has a tenuous hold on its only                    
    remaining southern site at this reserve.        

Our Working Map of the Local 1 kilometre squares is below.                    
    species.4.jpg (56613 bytes)