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We have done quite a lot in the past, encouraged by the late Noelle and Tony Welstead who found many sites for us new pensioners
(1988) to visit and 
enjoy--but new younger  recorders are now needed for the next Atlas.

( we  once got an answer " I would like to do some recording---what does it pay?)
It does not pay but consider it to be your contribution to natural history research.

Looking in the DRN database(400,000 plus records) there are 25,700 "Dell" records, between 1988 and 2003.Which indicates the consistent sending in of records does build up the specie history.
2004 and 2005 went to Steve Cham and 2006 /2007 followed!
 Recording program is changing from Darter and we will be dropping out,apart
from the manual listings which continue to go to Chris Hall who now has many
years of Basingstoke Canal data.

Our probably most satisfying contribution was to Peter Follett's "Dragonflies of Surrey"!

Our Basingstoke Canal data  and local data was part of Dragonflies of Hampshire. 
And our countrywide records finished up in the Millenium Atlas.

We are currently watching the changes at Ancells Farm LNR which we hope will

develop into an interesting site,again!

Here is an opportunity for you to enjoy the pages of information and pictures that we have compiled as a result of many field trips in the past few years.

We hope we can encourage you to contribute to the recording of Odonata,so that we can see what changes are taking place as a result of human intervention and the vagaries of Mother Nature.

Range expansion is of keen interest,some as a result of more knowledgable recorders in
the field,possibly more as a result of "climate change"

  I hesitate to say global warming as the Weather Forecasters will remind you that our 
knowledge of the  "Sun and its changing sunspot cycles" is incomplete and may be 
making a larger contribution that at first thought. Certainly the Ionosphere is very
 different to 20 years ago and is affecting the use of radio frequencies. 

A record of what you have seen, how many, what was their behaviour, where were they seen and the date of the sighting will be of interest to your local Natural History Society or Dragonfly Group. Comments on the weather are also of use. The time of day plays its part in the Dragonflies being at rest or in a state of activity.


Head on view of Aeshna grandis.

We have some other pages which may be of interest:


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this site also carried  pages of Exuvia pictures.


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We now have a new site entitled WILD ORCHIDS and Other Flowers. It can be found at: http://web.ukonline.co.uk/jean.dell/index.html

We hope you find it interesting.

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We will be pleased to hear from you.

If you are into Fungi--mail us at: hsbg.fungi@tiscali.co.uk

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For General Conversation, rather than "twitching" we have a Yahoo group (230 plus members).


we will be pleased to see you!

New Site for British Dragonfly Society:


new version of the George Hanslope site.

Irish Dragonflies at:


Digital Dragonflies is a most interesting site and can be found at: http://www.dragonflies.org/

Worldwide Dragonfly Association (W.D.A.)

Contact: Jill Silsby :e-mail  Jsilsby1@aol.com

Web-site : http://powell.colgate.edu/wda/dragonfly.htm

We look forward to expanding this site as more information becomes available.

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