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Dundee and Angus Baha'i Cluster

In 2001, the Bahá'í Council for Scotland, following guidance from the Universal House of Justice, began the task of categorising areas of adjacent localities within Scotland into 'clusters'. These clusters, established using geographic and social criteria, are intended to help the Bahá'í community worldwide to realise a pattern of well-ordered expansion and consolidation.

And so the Dundee and Angus Bahá'í Cluster was born. Along with Skye and Lochalsh, the Dundee and Angus Bahá'í cluster has been designated by the Bahá'í Council for Scotland as one of two priority clusters. Growth of the Bahá'í Faith within the clusters revolves around the development of 3 core activities: Devotional Meetings, Study Circles, and Children's Classes. All of these activities are open to everyone. At present, the Dundee and Angus cluster has focussed on the first of these activities. Devotional Meetings have been held in Dundee and Arbroath with broad participation.

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