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Mission Statement: Formula One World Champion 2010

In a competitive world like ours it takes an extraordinary amount of talent, hard work and luck to make it to the top in anything, perhaps more so in motor racing.
But these challenges are what make life fun!

Lars is committed to his dream of racing at the pinnacle of motor sport: F1.
He is now on an accelerated learning programme which will see him testing and racing single seater cars during 2002 with a view to a full season in Formula Ford in 2002 and perhaps 2003. This will lead to either Formula Renault and then Formula 3 or straight to Formula 3.  After that its Formula One.
But to achieve all this requires funding. The world of modern motor racing is a world of extremes; cutting edge technology which filters down into the cars we drive, and crazy budgets which make the average person swoon. But the most important part of the whole spectacle are the sponsor and the investor. The modern day racing driver must be as good at promoting his sponsors' interests and communicating to the media as he is at driving. This is what we have been working on from day one and this is why Lars will achieve his ambition. We are very proactive in the interests of our sponsors and investors.

Call us now to see how we can tailor a package to suit your needs and enhance your advertising and marketing portfolio. Take the fast lane to success!

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