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Celebrated Medium
and Clairaudient,
fondly remembered...
Doris Stokes passed into her beloved spirit world in London on 8th May 1987. She is sadly missed by her countless fans across the globe.

Doris was a phenomenon. She toured several parts of the world and filled theatres throughout the United Kingdom; and she packed out many other venues across the globe: she 'sold-out' the Sydney Opera House in Australia! When tickets for her 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium' meeting went on sale, every seat was snapped up within hours!

Doris was a clairaudient (someone who can hear supernormal voices) and her six books reflect this paranormal ability in their titles.

Books by Doris Stokes
(Originally published by Futura Books)

Voices in my Ear
More Voices in my Ear
Innocent Voices in my Ear
Whispering Voices
Voices of Love
Joyful Voices
and there is also a tribute book written by her co-writer, Linda Dearsley, called:

A Tribute to Doris Stokes

Doris was unquestionably much-loved. She was a down-to-earth grandmotherly person, whose television and media appearances across the world - along with her successful bestsellers - have made her probably one of the 20th-Century's most celebrated clairaudients.

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Years after her transition, she is still remembered with fondness, still read about and talked of in Spiritualist and non-Spiritualist circles alike across the world.

Doris served the people in the spirit realms diligently for approximately 17 years before she lapsed into a coma in a London hospital in 1987 during brain surgery, in which doctors removed a cancerous tumour.

She knew what it was to suffer; but being a qualified nurse, she showed compassion to all those she helped.

I have friends who either knew or met Doris personally and I can tell you that she often worked very hard to help bereaved people (out of the glare of publicity), simply because she cared.

Doris had a big heart, and her service record was long; she introduced countless thousands of people to a whole new way of thinking, spiritually.

She will be remembered for a long time.

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God bless you Doris.