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Little Doris Sutton was born in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. She grew up and married, and later became the celebrated clairaudient, Doris Stokes.

In her life-story Doris tells of how, as a child, she often saw things that others couldn't see.

During the War she was officially informed that her husband, John, had been killed. Then, at the height of her grief, she was visited by the spirit of her long-dead father who declared that her husband was, in fact, not dead but still alive somewhere, and that he would soon return home to her and to her baby son, John Michael.

But her joy quickly turned to grief when her father also warned of the impending death of her seemingly healthy baby boy.

Both predictions came true: her husband returned home safely, and John Michael died in her arms.

Doris was forced to accept the fact that she possessed an amazing gift: psychic powers that over the years of her extraordinary life brought joy and comfort to millions of people world-wide.

During her career as a medium, Doris helped to solve murder cases. She filled the Sydney Opera House three nights in a row; and once she even had to convince a man that he was dead.

In her hectic life she was constantly plagued by stress and illness, and later underwent thirteen operations for cancer. But Doris managed to smile through the heartache and tears, which was just as well because, sadly, she lost other babies, too - which was why she and John decided to adopt a little boy called Terry.

In her series of six best-selling autobiographies, which recount her amazing life as a sensitive, she gives her readers fascinating insights into her ability of hearing supernormal voices, and into her whirlwind media tours of America, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

In Britain, she became a household name and a familiar face on television.

In the book by English author Linda Williamson, titled Mediums and Their Work (Robert Hale 1990), Ms Williamson recalls witnessing one of Doris's stage demonstrations. She reports listening to the gasps from the crowd as Doris relayed a barrage of accepted facts like: "Someone lives at 15 Church Street"; and "There's the surname of Thomas and there are twins in the family"; and "I heard the name of Margaret Brown... There are connections to (the places of) Bilborough and Nottingham. Can anyone place this?" A woman put up her hand and accepted the information.

The level-headed author Linda Williamson writes that, "Hardly pausing for breath she went on from one person to another, firing off names, sometimes stopping to correct herself, but achieving an accuracy that was astonishing."

But Doris Stokes will be remembered most fondly by those whom she reunited with their loved ones; and by the many thousands who gained a renewed sense of hope in their lives from either reading her books or witnessing her spiritual work.

Doris Stokes passed into the spirit world on 8th May 1987. Her husband, John, and her adopted son, Terry, and even their little dog called Boots, have now all joined her there.

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