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in her later years.
(May 1889 - May 1970)

One of Britain's Most Gifted 20th-Century Mediums

All those who properly understand and appreciate the gift of mediumship agree that Britain produced an outstanding all-round medium in the 20th-Century: Mrs Estelle Roberts. She displayed a wide variety of the gifts of the spirit, including mental mediumship, physical materialisation, direct-voice phenomena, and remarkable healing powers.

In the 1950s, this woman was probably responsible (with the help of a small handful of other notables) for getting the Spiritualist religion legalised and respected in Great Britain because she visited the Houses of Parliament and gave stunning demonstrations of clairvoyance to the Lords and Ladies of the Realm and to the MPs. So convinced by her abilities were the MPs that they rallied to the Spiritualist Cause.

Even though more than a quarter of a century has passed since she died, the impact of Estelle Roberts's gifts is still keenly felt. Many modern-day mediums hold Mrs Roberts in high regard, and when they're delivering clairvoyant messages they try to achieve her degree of accuracy.


In the 1940s and 1950s verbatim reports were made of Estelle's messages by stenographers present at her public meetings. Here are a few simple snippets of her messages, and in the first one a 'dead' brother is returning to his sister who is seated in a crowd:

Estelle:  He has brought Jim with him.
Woman: I can't place a Jim.
Estelle: He's your mother's brother.
Woman: Yes that's right!
Estelle: He's met Aunt Jinny
Woman: I don't remember her.
Estelle: She's an in-law connected with your mother. Her name was Mary Anne Jane.
Woman: Oh yes!

To another lady, whom Estelle had singled out of a large crowd of people, she said:
Estelle: There is a young airman who wants to talk. You are his mother. Before this meeting, you went to his portrait and asked him to get through tonight, if he could.'
Woman: Yes.
Before going on to relay the boy's poignant message of love,
Estelle gave his correct age as twenty-two.

Another recipient received through Mrs Roberts news of her four 'dead' brothers, then the medium announced:
Estelle: They have brought Mary with them.
Woman: Mary? I can't recall her.
Estelle: Well, I must help you. She is your father's sister.
Woman: Oh yes!

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Famed Novelist and Health Guru, Dame Barbara Cartland described in her autobiography how her mother, Mary, received astonishingly accurate facts through the mediumship of Estelle Roberts, whose survival evidence all hardened sceptics and cynics would find impossible to explain away:

Brilliant Survival Evidence

Dame Barbara's mother, Mary, had received news that one of her sons, Ronald, had been shot and killed in action in the War; and in the same year she endured further agony concerning the fate of her other son, Tony, who was reported missing.

"My mother wrote to every man in the Lincolnshire Regiment who was taken prisoner," writes Dame Barbara Cartland. "Several replied that they had heard that Captain Anthony Cartland was a prisoner."

At Dame Barbara's suggestion, and using the pseudonym of Mrs Hamilton, her mother booked a sitting with Estelle Roberts. Dame Barbara records that::

Estelle suddenly announced, "You have come to consult me about your sons. They are both here beside you."

"Not both," said Dame Barbara's mother, defensively. "One is a prisoner."

Estelle Roberts shook her head. "No," she insisted. "They are together. The youngest one tells me that he was killed the day before his brother. Now they are both talking together; they have so much they want to say to you."

But Dame Barbara's mother refused to listen, certain that Tony was still alive. "What a waste of money!" she commented after the sitting.

But Estelle Roberts had been correct - the next year a letter arrived from the Ministry of Defence stating that Tony had indeed been killed in action, on May 29, exactly one day before the death of his elder brother, Ronald."

Because Estelle had made this announcement even before the Ministry of Defence had received any news of the missing boy - she could have received this information only from the spirit world.

The remarkable autobiography of Estelle Roberts is now out-of-print but is still available through specialist Internet bookstores and second-hand bookshops. It's called:
Fifty Years a Medium (Corgi Books: 1975).
There was also an earlier version called:
Forty Years a Medium

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