20th-Century Medium

(1918 - 1993)

Gordon Higginson's authorised biography, On the Side of Angels, written by Jean Bassett, details his action-filled life, and records his views on a range of topics and some of the compelling evidence of survival he received, and gave, from people in the afterlife.

He recounts that his mother received predictions from the spirit world about his birth and his mediumistic abilities, both of which were fulfilled. His gifts included not only trance and clairvoyance, but also the dramatic faculty of materialisation when the so-called dead appear in the seance-room to be reunited with their loved ones - though his materialisations were not as consistently impressive as those of
Helen Duncan and Alec Harris.

Gordon began his mediumsitic calling when he was twelve years old: his mother, Fanny Higginson (herself a medium) trained him, and in the course of his lifetime of service to the spirit world he travelled relentlessly up and down the United Kingdom, appearing before hundreds of thousands who witnessed his brilliant clairvoyance not only in Spiritualist churches, but also in halls and theatres, including London's Royal Albert Hall. His messages often contained the full names and sometimes the addresses of his recipients.

A dedicated Spiritualist, he held on to the Presidency of the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU) for over 20 consecutive years, and he was one of its ordained Ministers. In addition to being the Principal of the Arthur Findlay College
(right), which he thought of as his 'second home', he was also the long-standing President of Longton Spiritualist Church, Staffordshire, England.

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In his book he recalls a wartime, spirit-world intervention:

"One time we became trapped behind the enemy lines. Our escape route, a bridge, had been blown up. There seemed to be no way out; there was a river, but we knew it was treacherous and very deep in places. I had been taught how to swim in full kit, but not everyone could do so. I was in charge and wondered what I could do to save these men and get back to our lines.

"I went aside and spoke with my spirit friends, desperately asking for help. Cuckoo (his black child guide) was there, and she said I was to trust her. She promised to show me the way, and said, 'Remember the bouncing ball!' Cuckoo reminded me of the first game we used to play together; now she would use that to bring us all to safety. Approaching the water, I saw the ball. I knew that I must follow it, and I must trust. We crossed that river with the water sometimes up to our chins.

"We all got through, even the shortest men. How pleased we were to be safe on the right side of that river. It is little wonder that the platoon loved my little black guide. Some of them collected pictures of black children and named them Cuckoo."


Following a series of mini-strokes, Gordon passed over from a heart attack at his home in Longton, in 1993.

Stansted Hall in Essex, England, the former home of Arthur Findlay, and now the headquarters of The Spiritualists' National Union and The Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science, which is visited by thousands of students each year.