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Harry Edwards
(29th May 1893 - 7th December 1976)

A Tribute to

One of the World's Most Gifted Healing Mediums

Harry Edwards was - and still is - one of the world's best-known and most gifted spiritual healers.  For decades he demonstrated his gift in many large public halls in Britain, including the Royal Albert Hall in London, and also in venues in other countries.

In 1947 he founded The Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary (a registered charity) in Guildford, Surrey, England; and its work, which continues to the present day, is known throughout the world.

He was also the founder/president of the (NFSH) National Federation of Spiritual Healers which was formed by in 1955.

Both the quality of his healing work, and the persistence that he showed in battling with the medical profession to accept the veracity of spiritual healing, were largely responsible for registered healers gaining permission to treat their patients in hospitals today.

Harry Edwards was a respected teacher, healer and author, and he remains an exemplar to the many thousands of acolytes wishing to practise the art of spiritual healing in the 21st-Century.

A compassionate man who felt inspired to serve all those who were sick and suffering, he followed the example set by Jesus of Nazareth: he went out into the world, and in the name of Love he healed the sick. Harry Edwards led a life of dedicated service, and the results of his work astonished even the most sceptical of medical men.

His many books on how to practise spiritual healing, how to understand it, and how to use this remarkable power to the betterment of all mankind, make fascinating reading indeed. They are essential textbooks for all healers (and their patients) everywhere; and they contain much educational, fascinating material.

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Doctors and specialists were often invited to share the platform with Harry Edwards and were asked to place their hands under his - and in this way they witnessed first-hand the "miraculous" straightening of spinal curvatures. At his public meetings, deaf people regained their hearing, and many crippled people were cured and afterwards walked home unaided. Such notable healing case histories, many of which are cited in his books, undoubtedly prove that powerful invisible energies were working through this gifted medium's mind and hands.

Harry Edwards heals a painful arthritic condition.

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Note how the patient's hands are deformed; but after the healing session, this man shook Harry's hand without feeling the slightest pain.

Harry Edwards provided details of his cases histories which contained medical evidence of the cures to the British Medical Association and to the Orthodox Church, but - rather predictably - both of these organisations did their utmost to dismiss his reports, without having made full and unbiased investigations into his claims.to purchase them

Nevertheless - the sick were cured.

Many of Harry Edwards's wonderful books on spiritual healing, its understanding, safe practice and theory, are still in print today.
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