Leslie Flint
(1911 - 16th April 1994)
in his younger years


Physical Medium

Leslie Flint's autobiography is called
Voices in the Dark
and it contains many remarkable accounts of survival of the soul after death, spoken directly by the inhabitants of the Next World themselves.

'The voices of the dead speak directly to their friends or relatives and are located in space a little above my head and slightly to one side of me.
They are objective voices which my sitters can record.'
Leslie Flint possessed the rare and spectacular gift of diect-voice physical mediumship. In a darkened room, spirit visitors withdrew from the medium (and the sitters) a substance called ectoplasm to form a kind of 'voicebox' through which they could vibrate our atmosphere and speak objectively.

This kind of mediumship is exceptionally rare.

In addition to holding many hundreds of private seances, Leslie also appeared at large demonstrations around the UK, sitting inside a light-proof cabinet (a large darkened box, seven feet high and four feet square) with a microphone placed outside. The spirit voices then spoke to their loved ones in the auditorium.

At one seance, a mother arrived late and sat outside the seance room, but her dead son still communicated. Leslie writes, 'His voice moved right away from me across the room to the door where he called loudly for his mother... and the dead boy and the living mother talked together through the door.'

Another sitter attended a seance and spoke with his wife, following which he said, 'I then felt fingers take my pen and notebook from my hand and heard the pen moving across the paper.' On examining this later, he verified that the writing obtained at the seance and his wife's normal handwriting (when alive) were exactly the same.

When sceptics declared that Leslie heard the voices clairaudiently, and then gave the messages himself through his own mouth, Rev Drayton Thomas arranged a test, details of which were reported in Psychic News (14 February, 1948). A strip of elastoplast was placed over Leslie's mouth, plus a scarf tied over this, and the cords tied up his hands and restricted his head movement. The voices were still heard - and at the end of the seance, the cords and plaster had not been disturbed. He was also tested by holding a measured amount of coloured liquid in his taped-up mouth: but the voices still came, and the fluid was still there afterwards.

Leslie gave successful seances in America: in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Hollywood; during which time he was entertained by the filmstar Mae West - who sat in seances with him - and her husband. Leslie also visited the silent the movie-star Rudolph Valentino's grave and placed flowers on it. Valentino was one of Leslie's main spirit helpers; and there was also the ever- present 'Mickey', a chirpy young Londoner.

'Rose Hawkins', a street flower seller, possessed an earthy voice, strident and cheerful, with a Cockney twang. 'You want me to describe our world in your material language! I don't know which way to start. I suppose if you could think of all the beautiful things in your world without all the things which aren't pleasant, you'd 'ave a vague notion of what it's like...The only things you get 'ere is by character and the way you've lived your life and how you've thought and acted.'

George Bernard Shaw's spirit communication was verfiied by his close friend George Bishop, the Daily Telegraph's dramatic critic, with: 'The mind and the mood are Shaw's.'

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A 'dead' Archbishop of Canterbury
Speaks from the Beyond

At a private Flint seance, Dr Cosmo Lang, who as Archbishop of York had previously suppressed a Church of England Report investigating Spiritualism - which had found its survival claims to be true - voiced his regrets about his behaviour on Earth:

Dr Cosmo Lang:

'If only I could have my life over again with the knowledge I now have, how differently I would act. I could have done so much, but I was afraid. I feel strongly (now) that Spiritualism is so vital and so important that all should know it.'

But he warned materialistic people against developing their mediumistic gifts: 'If you are to contact the highest forces, the good forces, those who can uplift mankind, you must have mediums or instruments who are of like mind and of like thought and on a higher spiritual vibration, and it seems to me some of your mediums are unfortunately of a low order.

'I do not want you to think I condemn, far from it, I am anxious to help. I feel that only when Spiritualism is used in the right way with mediums on a higher mental and spiritual level - who will give up material things in true service to God, regarding themselves as mere instruments of the divine power to serve the children of the Earth - will it be of true benefit to mankind.

'If the great truth of survival were demonstrated and made manifest in the truest and finest sense, the whole world could be changed for the better.'

When Dr Lang's recording was played to Conan Shaw, who had known him well, Shaw affirmed, 'Yes, I have every confidence it is Dr Cosmo Lang.'

Writing Leslie Flint's obituary in The Independent, journalist Alexander Walker recalled attending a seance: 'Though tolerantly sceptical, I had to concede that those (voices) which addressed me, claiming acquaintance with a recently deceased parent, answered test questions about childhood, family and pets with fluency and total accuracy. They did not seem to need to pause for breath.'


What is Life Like in the Spirit World?

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