The Musical Medium

Unfinished Symphonies
Dictated from the Beyond

Born 1916 - passed over aged 85
on 16th November 2001.

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Rosemary Brown was a quite remarkable medium in that her limited musical talents were employed by the souls of 'dead' composers to notate their new pieces, which they had written in the Spirit World.

It's easy to scoff at such claims, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating - and the famous pianist Peter Katin was impressed enough by her compositions to record a number of them which had been published by Paxton Music in an album called The Rosemary Brown Piano Album.

Peter Katin's renditions can be heard on the Philips #Stereo LP No: 6500 049; the musical album and this LP (Long Playing) record may still be available from specialist outlets on the Internet, or from second-hand book- and record-stores.

Of Rosemary Brown, Novello & Company Ltd write, 'Although there has been much scepticism, many musicians of note - among them Richard Rodney Bennett, Professor Ian Parrot, and John Lill, have shown great interest (in her works).'

Rosemary's mediumship made itself known at the age of seven when she was contacted by a spirit person - the Hungarian composer, Franz Liszt.  After this, he visited her more often and also brought with him many other famous 'dead' composers.

Rosemary recalls that on occasions a few of her spirit visitors would actually use their own hands to 'overshadow' hers on the keyboard, in order to better compose their music.

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Despite the fact that she had received only minimal musical training, Rosemary worked tirelessly with her spirit visitors and laboriously took down many hundreds of their spirit-inspired compositions, note by note. Hundreds of impressive pieces were transcribed through her mediumship, each bearing the unique style of its  'deceased' author.

Over many years, such musical giants as Brahms, Bach, Rachmaninov, Schubert, Grieg, Debussy, Chopin, Liszt, Beethoven, Schumann and other notables forged strong mediumistic links with her, and in her autobiography, Immortals at my Elbow she records her close association with these charismatic masters of music.

Rosemary could see her spirit visitors quite clearly, and could describe the sounds of their voices and even what clothing they were wearing.

Anyone who loves music and who is searching into the reality of mediumship would be advised to acquire the works of Rosemary Brown.

Rosemary Brown's Books are:
Unfinished Symphonies (1971)
Immortals at my Elbow
Look Beyond Today


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