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Her Spirit Guide,
A Psychic Portrait
of the Teacher)

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Ursula Roberts
in later life.
Passed over on
27th October 1996.

Trance Teachings inspired by the Spirit World

Perhaps it was because Ursula Roberts had been struck down by a disease in childhood, which left her with a slight limp for the rest of her life, that she realised the importance of being compassionate towards her fellow beings.

In adulthood, as a medium, she certainly demonstrated her compassion to as many millions of people as she could reach with her spiritual message. Her books and teaching booklets have been published in many countries and have been translated into several languages; and she herself worked in many parts of the world.

In them, and with the help of her spirit guide and mentor, Ramadahn, she gently emphasises the spiritual qualities which will, she affirms, help us all to lead a healthier and more peaceful existence. Ursula's teachings encourage mankind to live in harmony and concord: principles in which the world is sadly lacking today. Her teachings explore in a simple way the character and behaviour of the human animal, and how human beings can progress spiritually.

It is thought that her spirit guide's name - Ramadahn - is not meant to convey any religious connotation, but that it is simply a pseudonym for this wise teacher.

Some of Ramadahn's trance-teachings were tape recorded for posterity - and for those who wish to read more about Ursula's life and spiritual teachings, her autobiography is called Living in Two Worlds.

In public meetings, Ramadahn would entrance his medium and then deliver philosophical discourses, after which he would welcome any questions, nearly always addressing each questioner as 'Beloved One'.

Interestingly, Ursula records that when she first began developing her psychic and mediumistic abilities she tried very hard to emulate the distinct style and unmistakable delivery of the great spiritual medium, Estelle Roberts (no tie-of-relationship), but she soon realised her mistake. In her enthusiasm she hadn't realised that her spirit inspirers had laid other plans for her - and at that time they were trying to unfold her spiritual healing powers!

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'More Wisdom of Ramadahn'
(Regency Press Ltd)

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Aided by the guidance of Ramadahn and other spirit inspirers, Ursula Roberts has left us a body of work filled with spiritual and philosophical guidelines. For example: about the provocative Doctrine of Karma (which teaches that we have lived many lives and that we are now trying to outwork our own salvation through the actions we perform in this life) Ramadahn has this to say:

"You should remember at all times, and in all things, that you yourselves - the nation to which you belong, and the world which surrounds you - are passing through this time of travail and fear because it is the outcome of that which has been sown and created in the past.

"The whole of your world, and the beings who inhabit it, are influenced by this Great Law which the Master Creator has set into being, and which is contained within the simple phrase the ‘Laws of Karma’ or the 'Laws of Sowing and Reaping'.

"Anything that you may do now - the things which you think, and the deeds that you perform - you will reap their results.

"Therefore, each one should seek to sow with the seed of love, to sow with the seed of goodness, and to sow with the seed of kindliness, in the knowledge that as you sow friendship so shall you reap compassion.

"And as you sow peace, so shall you also in the fullness of time come to the reaping, which will be in tranquillity and in joy."


Some Books by Ursula Roberts:
All About Mediumship (1994)
Wisdom of Ramadahn
(Regency Press: 1985)
More Wisdom of Ramadahn
(Regency Press: 1992)
Living in Two Worlds
(Regency Press: 1984)
A Story of Moses (Regency Press: 1973)

You can also search the web for a host of smaller spiritual teaching booklets and pamphlets written by Ursula Roberts, and their titles include:
Look at the Aura - and Learn:
(Greater World Association, 1975).
Hints for Healers:
(Greater World Association, 1949).
Hints on Mediumistic Development
Hints on Spiritual Unfoldment (1964)
The Mystery of the Human Aura:
(Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, 1950)
Hints for Harmony of Body & Soul
Colour Healing for The New Age
The Importance of Incarnation
Letters Between Healers
Spiritual Virtues in the Aura


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