I am a retired person and took up computing in Dec.1998. It is a fascinating subject and has now become my hobby. I enjoy communicating with people and the advantages of owning a computer and being able to send emails and log on to the world wide web became apparent when I was able to contact two of my college friends that I had lost touch with for almost 35 years. I am still trying to contact long lost friends and relatives and may be some day I will succeed.
I came to England in 1969. I met my wife Vera at a children's hospital, where she worked as a nurse. We've been happily married for 29 years. Although I have no children of my own, I have three wonderful step-grandchildren. They all live in Co.Donegal, Eire. Vera and I are committed Christians - what some would call "born again". We were both baptised as Roman Catholics but due to personal reasons lapsed from our faith. We now attend the local
Christian fellowship church - affiliated to the Elim Pentecostal church.
I love music and dance - especially jazz, Latin, spiritual, and country music. I also play the keyboards and the modern electronic ones from Yamaha are excellent. I also love good food and cooking and do so when I am able to monopolise the kitchen. I cook mainly Goan dishes like vindaloo and xacuti, and fish or prawn curry and rice, but other Indian dishes are not beyond me.
I also love watching TV and especially the documentaries from National Geographic, Animal planet, and Discovery channels.


My Future!
Watch this space - as I do not know at this point in time what the future holds for me.

I would like to travel to Portuguese speaking countries in order to improve on my limited knowledge of the Portuguese language. It is my intention to become fluent in Portuguese. And if I am able to interpret and communicate the Word of God in Portuguese, that would be a great achievement.
My other aim is to be able to make good use of my musical gifts. As someone once said " God has given you gifts. What you do with them should be your gift to God".
I would like to get in touch with my cousin Victor Alves, who used to live in South Africa/Rhodesia. We met once in Goa when I must have been about ten years old.
I would also like to get in touch with the friends that I made whilst I was in Bangalore, and at St. Martha's hospital.


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