This page is intended for those who are interested in learning about the small part I played towards the music scene in Bangalore circa 1966-68. I came to Bangalore in 1966 and made it my home for two and a half years.

During this time I worked at St. Martha's Hospital and made a lot of friends. The best years of my life were spent here and therefore it is very special to me. During my tenure at St. Martha's. I initially stayed at the YMCA hostel across the road and it was here that I met Jacob David who was the leader of a group called the "Harmonicks". Jacob played lead guitar and his brother Sonny played bass guitar. A guy called Bala played rhythms. I cannot recall the name of the drummer. I used to sing with them occasionally and enjoyed it tremendously when I was able to accompany them on their gigs. I came to England in 1969 and have lost touch with members of the group and with the folks in Bangalore. It is only recently, through Ronnie Johnson's web page that I have been able to glean some up to date information. I would welcome some feedback. I have lost touch with members of the group but these photos might jog someone's memory. "
The Simla All India Beat Contest", which was mentioned in Ronnie Johnson's web page brought back memories as I was a judge when that contest was held on the 1st. September 1968 at the Rex theatre, Bangalore.

The photographs below are of me with the "Harmonicks". During my stint at St. Martha's hospital I met J.T.William Joseph( Tommy) and his wife Sarah and we became very good friends. Their children, Dumbo (Richard), Ashley, Jenny and Rachel were very young then. I was saddened to learn through Ronnie Johnson's web page that Tommy had passed away, but glad to know that Ashley is following in his dad's footsteps.


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