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Blue & Ebony's Puppies

Leawood Blue Berry Hill x Cinbaramy Black Diamond



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Following in the trend of her first litter, Ebony produced five gorgeous pups with barely a contraction a reasonable hour!

Literally just arrived and Ebony settling in well with her newbies about 15 minutes later.


Aren't they cute at two weeks old?


Starting to explore at three weeks old - the boys & the girls.  Their personalities are really starting to develop with Pixie into everything & Cully the lazybones of this group.  Cody & Poppy are both real cuties and usually on the lookout for someone to play with them.  Tiddley is always first to the food dishes - his mouth was just plain too small to fit over Ebony's teats so he was handfed and is now much more adept than the others with 'real' food.



Random shots...



At four - five weeks, we're still pretty focused on eating, sleeping and figuring out these puppy kongs


....practicing for grown-up life!  We have Cody, Cully, Tiddley, Poppy and Pixie




Our first day with a kong at six weeks old.  All five got stuck in, but Tiddley was the smartest at getting the chicken out with Pixie keeping going after everyone else fell asleep.


Cully has acquired a toy and taken it into their carry-box to guard it...but then he gets tired and all toys must be hidden before sleep.  Despite the size of our kitchen, it was very cute the way one-three-five all clamber into the same box to sleep.



Poppy investigates outside in the only day of sunshine so far while Tiddley makes sure he avails of all home comforts!


Not forgetting Dad's Very Important Pet: Pixie is Cinbaramy's new blue girl


To be continued...


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