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We wish all litters were this hassle-free.  At 7am Ebony (Mum) was charging round the field with Sooty with no sign of starting labour (or even pre-labour) 8am she was back in bed & by 9am we'd two gorgeous newbies.  Pups were both latched on before they were dry & have been going strong ever since.  Newly arrived, Ebony settled in well with her two baby boys.  5Żoz & 6oz at birth.


Ebony and the boys the first week of October 2007


Doting Ebony while they are still so cute!


Both boys together, Lexi and Ziggy at two weeks old


Now three weeks old...and a day, trouble really starts :-)))

Lexi discovering cardboard tubes, trying to escape and sitting pretty.


Ziggy was first on his feet and rarely gives his brother (or mother) a moment's peace.


...but we're friends really...


Their first day downstairs...escape from the puppy pen :-)


Ziggy and Lexi at five weeks old exploring the world







...& recovering

Ziggy, Boyz-N-Toyz and Lexi solo are now seven weeks old and really enjoying life






Ziggy at eight weeks and moving to his new home...




Lexi playing peek-a-boo and romping in our garden.




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