Cinbaramy Shetland Sheepdogs


Lucy & Darby's Puppies

Cinbaramy Mystery Girl x Ardlyn Darby O'Gill


  Lucy two days after the delivery (left)...she was a superb mother & completely unfrazzled by the whole affair.

  Lucy's first litter was born 10th December 2005.  She gave us five beautiful pups with no trouble at all.

  Holly & Ebony are the two tricolour bitches, Calder the tri dog with Kinsey & Quinn two sable boys.

   Please be patient while these images load :-)


Literally just arrived, 3 hours later with Lucy settling in, 3 days & 1 week old.


Through their third week & thankfully they were still at the peaceful stage for the usual Christmas havoc!


Escaped from AJ's bedroom to a big playpen in the middle of the dining room this week...

but prefer to engage in our favourite pastime as you can see below...4 weeks & 5 weeks



The boys...Quinn who usually laid claim to the bed & loved the orange squeaky toy or a smoked bone


Calder [Cinbaramy Midnight Special] showing off before he went to his new home - 2 months old


Wee Kinsey was usually found cuddled up to one of the other pups so it was difficult to get a photograph of him on his own...


& the girls - Holly [right; Cinbaramy Midnight Magic] & Ebony [left; Cinbaramy Black Diamond]



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