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Apols for the not-so-great quality of some pictures folks - we 'misplaced' our digital camera when we moved house...

Lucy provided us with a little pre-Christmas shocker!!!  Seven pups duly delivered with the minimum of fuss in the space of two hours.  Five girls and two boys left us a little speechless...

      Lucy with the new additions to our family half an hour after the last arrival


We're still in shock and pups have been moved to their bed (for the next three weeks). The girls have incredibly long tails and all tris are jet black. Birth weights range from 3oz - 7oz.

Our pups are all doing very well and we managed clearer photographs with a very contented mum at a day old


Still too little to cause major havoc, but we're growing rapidly with weights between 7-14 oz at a week old.  AJ had to make us a Vetbed ramp back into our bed as we're very dedicated in following mum into the playpen area.  Lucy now has to jump out of the playpen to get some peace & quiet!!!


OK, so we've got this feeding business down to a fine or out of the box! 


Our favourite activities at 3 weeks...sleeping & feeding!


By four weeks, we still spend lots of time sleeping, but are introduced to a Table.


Berry - attention for food?  Yep, sure, just let me hover up the crumbs first.


Carrie - anyway you want me for turkey-ham.


Honey - hmmmmmm.  Not sure about this...when can I get that chicken on the floor?


Katie - Miss C. Irish Heartbeat rarely stays still long enough for us to capture a picture!

Rosie - something new?  Where, let me join in...


Mickey - anything for food & praise :-)


Shadow - I don't like it.  I'm leaving...


The great outdoors...first day outside, supervised bu Mum & Granny.


Rosie, Katie & Berry


We love the outdoor life, although some are more photogenic than others...







Can you count seven?

At seven weeks old...Shadow, Katie, Mickey & Rosie; Carrie and Berry at nine weeks.





All pictures are saved with the name of the respective pups.

...& yes, the concrete floors are internal within our *new* house!

Further images of Carrie and Berry will be posted on their own page


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