General Knowledge

1. Who did Madonna marry ?
2. In what year did Mickey Mouse first appear ?
3. This ex English cricketer is said to have a mistress in Australia?
4. Who am I if you are the "dirty rascal"?
5. What food do you associate with the advert Jolly Green Giant?
6. What was Paul Burrells former job before becoming a writer for the Sunday mail?
7. Where would you go for the Royal Tattoo in August?
8. Which ice cream company makes "Feast, Calippo and Twister ice creams?
9. OFSTED are the inspectors of what ?
10. Another name for the flower Pinks ?
11. What is the name of the Blairs youngest son?
12. What did David Hempleman - Adams reach the North Pole in ?
13. Which country does the singer Bjork come from ?
14. Scrumpy Jack is a make of what drink?
15. What card takes money directly from the bank account ?
16. What follows Bill & Ben in the childrens tv programme ? 
17. Calor & Laughing are all types of what ?
18. Brighton & Hove , Inverness  are now what ?
19. Who has taken over from Betty Boothroyd as speaker of the  House ?
20. Which TV police series character died of a heart attack at the   end of last year ?


F o o d

1. What type of pastry do you use to make éclairs ?
2. The vegetable that is supposed to make you see in the dark?
3. What cream would you serve with Devon Cream Teas?
4. On what day do you serve Pancakes ?
5. What is the sauce a compliment to Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding.
6. Cos & Icebergs are all types of what ?
7. Sir Walter Raleigh first introduced into Britain in the 16th Century?
8. What is the herb used in Pesto Sauce ?
9. What would you find in a Orchard ? 
10. What shell fish would you find a pearl in ?
11. Small Fancy cakes at the end of a meal ?
12. What is a dried grape ?
13. What sugar do you find in Milk ?
14. Traditional Scottish food served on Burns Night ?
15. Another name for an Egg Plant ?
16. Crème Debary is a soup made of what ?
17. What do chefs call  a bunch of herbs in culinary terms ?
18. Battenberg cake is a sponge covered in what ?
19. Who hosts Celebrity Read Steady Cook ?
20. What sauce do you put with Tomato juice ?


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