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An introduction  to viewing and recording Fungi

The site is simplistic in order to attract new people to the hobby of viewing

and recording Fungi.  Some just want to find what to eat and what to avoid.

We CAN NOT say that any fungus is certainly Edible as a number of them have
rather like "peanut butter".Some are in fact "Lethal".

The field handbooks will define those that have been eaten on a regular basis.

We do get a reasonable number of site visits,we hope you enjoy what you find!

Our local area now has a small group affiliated to ABFG

Julie’s" Shrooms "Group for Farnborough area

copy of letter on main group!
To all Members of Shrooms/Interested Parties, Judging by the response to my e-mail of yesterday, it seems that you do want to be able to attend organised forays after all and I'm delighted to say that they're back on. 
Here is the list for the remaining forays and I hope to see you there.

 I can't stress enough how important it is that we seek and maintain records of fungal activity in the local area - its vital to the survival of many species and the more pairs of eyes we have looking, the more finds can be recorded. 

There have been a couple of changes to this list since it was last updated and two of the forays have been replaced.
 I've also included a second visit to the new site at Tweseldown, because I'd like to see the difference in finds a couple of months' apart.

Sunday 02/11/2008 Church Crookham Woods 
10:30am SU 823 524

Saturday 08/11/2008 Alice Holt
10:30am SU 809 416

Saturday 15/11/2008 Hawley Woods, Sun Microsystems entrance 
10:30am SU 839 568

Saturday 22/11/2008 Yateley Common 
10:30am SU 833 592

Saturday 29/11/2008 Tweseldown 
10:30am SU 831 510

Sunday 07/12/2008 Crown Cushion car park - Minley Woods Lower 
10:30am SU 834 570 
And afterwards, we'll go for a Christmas Drink at the pub!

October 2000---we thought a Yahoogroup site could be useful for 

exchange of Local information.  So I have started one!

If you want to join in---put your e-mail address in the box and click it.
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The 67  existing Members can call up the Yahoo-group site and read the Library of messages held at the Centre.

 we  show below some of the local fungi, that we might record each autumn.

Fly agaric         Heather Garden,Windsor Great Park



   Hevella corium    Bramshill   North of road,near Dumbell pond.        

Volvariella bombycina       Yateley Country Park  Round Pond

We were pleased to have been selected as Nature Site of the Month for February 1999.It brought many additional viewers to all of our sites!



        The Hampshire Fungus Recording Group

was formed to link up some local field recorders into a reporting group.We have a Recorder who compiles the annual sightings
 by date and site and passes the information on to the Central Records of the British Mycological Society. 

Our Group Leader and Recorder was: Graham Mattock,16 Gordon Avenue,Winchester,Hants.SO23 0QQ.--who is Now! on e-mail.   graham.mattock@talk21.com

Graham has retired!   Passing the leadership to:

Dr Stuart Skeates,   Chairman

55 Cherville Street, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 8FB

Tel 01794 522192 email: HFRG@hampshirefungi.org.uk

Group Website:



We are now linked with The Kaw Valley Mycological Society,based just west of Kansas City,Missouri.

Their website can be found at__

We hope to develop some common links on field surveying with our new friends.Also an exchange of information and pictures.

           There is a debate as to whether or not species should be picked Complete with Base for positive identification at Home ,after the Foray.

If you are looking at Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) the answer is most probably NO.

          There is also a current debate on the commercial picking
 of Mushrooms by the Catering Trade from our Countryside,in
 the Autumn,the debate being whether or not the Underground Plants will be destroyed and the species either much reduced or lost from the site.

The British Mycological Society has been looking at this problem and has more research to carry out.
The Swiss have found that heavy picking over a number of years has 
reduced their visible quantity of the edible species.

           Sites open to the Public may now carry notices 
prohibiting collection of Fungi in the autumn,and various Landowners are now looking at the possible problem.

A Thought for 2005 and onwards:
With current legislation it might be worth considering the size of any knife
you carry in the field ,or keep in the boot of the car!
What has been normal for many years could now be described as a "weapon"
with the onus of disproving the case resting upon you!

Also mind where you point your camera in populated ares!

              We also have some other sites which may be of interest:

   our original site for  Butterfliesi 




      We also have a new site for WILD ORCHIDS and Other Flowers which is at:


We hope you will also enjoy that one.

Repeater site:       http://website.lineone.net/~fungi.dells

    Main site was organised to provide a non-person-named 
site for council use.


  Other sites which may be of interest are:

The Association of British Fungus Groups

Web-site:   http://www.abfg.org

Despite actual change of location!

An American site which may be of interest.


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         The recording of Fungi has been a specialist area for
 some time but with the advent of various identification manuals ,with photographs,it is now easier to take up the hobby.

         The purists are still holding on to their KEYS and MICROSCOPES as the only way to properly identify the  various species  However a great deal of field research can be 
done by the Amateur and the more awkward species passed 
on to the Specialists.

          It is important, if we are to complete Atlases of Fungi 
that as many people as possible take up recording and pass
 their records on to the County Recorders, Natural History Societies, or the County Wildlife Trusts.

Over the last few years we have put about 11,000 records into the BMS database.Where we have made frequent site visits,in the season, we select those that have not been recorded recently for submission to the database.

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