Mycology  or  More Fungi   (mainly Toothed Fungi)

                Pictures to assist identification

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A few more pictures of  Finds in 1999,and 2000 season

Satanas.3.jpg (53220 bytes) virosa.jpg (41109 bytes)

Satanus.                Virosa.

  Toothed Fungus

Cirrhatus.jpg (51344 bytes) Erinaceum.1.jpg (48374 bytes) H.coralloides.J1.JPG (41721 bytes)

Cirratus.                Erinaceum.        Coralloides.


H.concrecens.arena.jpg (35615 bytes) H.concrescens.canal.jpg (32744 bytes) H.concrescens.clay.jpg (24329 bytes) hydnellum.concr.bourley1.jpg (27901 bytes) 

Hydnellum concrescens from 4 different sites.

Not seen at all in 2002,bad season for them!

  P.confluens.2.jpg (26265 bytes) P.confluens.3.jpg (29232 bytes) P.confluens.4.jpg (24092 bytes) P.confluens.5.jpg (59297 bytes)

Phellodon confluens--two found close together.
  White as found,then one washed to reveal gold and brown markings.
Both washed,one sent for identification locally.
The other now on its way via a referee to Kew.
More came up on the same site in 2000,two collected for examination and determination!
Despite most of them being removed from the site by some unknown person they have re-occurred in 2001.

In 2002 they were the only toothed fungi on what became a very dry site.

Possible "tormentosus" at this site but while being authenticated it vanished!

Two more Toothed Fungi for Information.Found in2000.

Phellodon Niger  viewed
 from both sides.

phellodon.niger.jpg (24872 bytes) phellodon.niger2.jpg (18360 bytes)       Note  these    phellodons.1.jpg (40343 bytes)  phellodon.2.jpg (27805 bytes)
   New Forest version                                    Found at Waggoners Wells
                                                Too dark to be Melaleucus--so Niger!

Hydnellum spongiosipes
Note the thicker teeth.

hydnellum.spongiosipes2.jpg (24116 bytes) hydnellum.spongiosipes1.jpg (61199 bytes) 


flammans2.jpg (16867 bytes)              podostoma.jpg (15221 bytes)    podostoma2.jpg (17300 bytes)       

Pholota flammans         Podostroma on            
on Scots Pine log                      broken branch                    

pseudocraterellus.jpg (57417 bytes)

 Interesting item     Arrhenia sp.           (not pseudocraterellus)

found in moss on old tarmac  at Bramshot Bridge

Bracket.99.jpg (22788 bytes)           G.pfeifferi.3.jpg (22732 bytes)             Ganoderma.resinaceum.2.jpg (29071 bytes)

Bracket                 G.Pfeifferi          G.Resinaceum

 Clathrus.ruber.3.jpg (29572 bytes)   Cordyceps.canadensis.99.jpg (13301 bytes)  militris.jpg (11034 bytes)  cordyceps.militaris2.jpg (18885 bytes)  Humaria.hemisphaerica.jpg (46328 bytes)  

Clathrus ruber  Cordyceps          Cordyceps                     Humaria
                             Canadensis             Militaris 

  Sclerotina.tuberosa.2.jpg (29175 bytes)  G.frondosa.99.jpg (70504 bytes) coprinus.picaceus1.jpg (56607 bytes) gomphidius.roseus2.jpg (24240 bytes) helvella.macropus1.jpg (49448 bytes) 

 Schlerotina    Frondosa     Coprinus    Gomphideus  Helvella 
                                               picaceus          roseus         macropus

cortinarius.trivialis.1.jpg (17677 bytes) volvariella.surrecta.1.jpg (18313 bytes) volvariella.surrecta2.jpg (19713 bytes)  

Cortinarius            Volvariella
 trivialis                    surrecta  (Berks)

         Geastrums  g.fornicatum.1.jpg (33133 bytes)   Geastrum.sessile.99.jpg (22111 bytes)

                            fornicatum       sessile

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