There are many local sites,which can yield interesting Fungi.

      Some useful ones are:

                Fleet Pond--alongside the railway,working Eastwards.

                Queen Elizabeth Park,Farnborough.

                Norris Bridge,woods beside the Canal.

                Bartley Heath,both sides of the Motorway.

                Lodge Enclosure,Alice Holt Forest.

                Castle Bottom National Nature Reserve.

                Yateley Heath Wood,section south of the A30.

                Thursley Common,starting at The Moat.

                Fish Pond,Gracious Pond,Chobham working across the Heath.


     Some information on local sites that we use regularly is given on the appended tables:

Together with a set of data tables on species seen in 1998 and those recorded in recent years.

         Ambarrow Court,Nr Sandhurst.
Mixed woodland and grassy areas.

         Bourley Camping Grounds and Water Catchment Area.
Deciduous woodland with some Conifer surrounding the Camping Grounds.The Water Catchment area is mainly Conifer.

         Chobham Place Wood,Nr Chobham.
Old Deciduous Parkland open to the public,with some Conifer.

         Heath Pond,Finchhampstead,Berks.
Mixed woodland and Heath and some unusual species.

         Pyestock Tanks,behind the N.G.T.E.
Piece  of area reached from the road leading to the back-gate of the N.G.T.E.

         Wellington Country Park.
Mainly Decidous area with Deer-park.The car-park can yield a number of good species including Boletus albidus.