There are no Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize Winners or .com millionaires amongst the ranks of the Titteringtons and Titheringtons, but a number have managed to achieve rather more than most of us do and a few of them are listed here. If you know of anyone from the Titterington/Titherington families who has achieved just as much or more than those listed here then do please E-Mail some details to Bob
The information in this section has come entirely from newspaper articles, the Internet and publicly available probate records.

Public Life

Meredith Titterington

Meredith Titterington was Member of Parliament (of Great Britain) for the Barnsley South constituency from 1945-1949 when he died.

Arthur Titherington

Arthur Titherington has become well known in Great Britain for his championing of the cause of ex PoWs of the Japanese. In 1998 he travelled to Tokyo to give evidence in the lawsuit brought by US, Australian, New Zealand and British veterans against the Japanese Government. He was a young soldier in Royal Signals at the fall of Singapore in 1942. He has also been a local Councillor, a member of West Oxfordshire District Council.

Dorothy Lord nee Titterington

Dorothy Lord was Mayoress of the Borough of Pendle (near Burnley) in 2000 and then became Mayor in 2004. She has been a councillor since 1996.


Desmond Titterington

Desmond Titterington from Northern Ireland was well known as a motor racing driver in the 1950's. His best placing in the F1 drivers championship was 3rd at Reims in 1956 driving for Jaguar. More information. . He died abroad, probably in 2002.

Helen Titterington

Helen Titterington was national Ladies Cross Country running Champion for Great Britain in 1989.

Arthur Fluitt Titherington

Rowed for Oxford in the 1887 Oxford v Cambridge boat race. Cambridge won!

Geoffrey Wrench Titherington

Followed in his father's footsteps by rowing for Oxford in the boat race of 1914. Sadly for him Cambridge won that year too.


Thomas Titterington

Thomas Titterington was a Worsted Spinning manufacturer from Yorkshire. He and his family lived at the "Greave", Midgley near Halifax. He left over 13,000 in his will when he died in 1884.

Basil James Titterington

Basil Titterington of Belfast held directorships of 14 companies (mostly non-exec) in the mid 1990s

William Titterington

In Sep 1982 the radio programme "Womans Hour" reported that in 1907 William Titterington moved from Manchester to Newcastle-upon-Tyne to co-found the firm "Rington's Tea". It is understood that he left the business in the 1920s

Rosemary Titterington

Rosemary Titterington is an authority on herbs and as well as writing the book "Growing Herbs" she ran the firm Iden Croft Herbs in the 1990s, retiring in 2001.

Titterington Holidays & Coach Hire

The furthest south 'sighting' to reach us of a Coach from 'Titterington's of Penrith' is at the Spanish border! The firm was founded in 1926 by Ernest Titterington, a member of the Dalton Gamekeepers family. The Company has a web site which you might care to visit. It has an interesting page on the history of the Company with some early photographs.


Prof D M (Mike) Titterington

Prof Mike Titterington holds the Chair in Statistics at Glasgow University and has a string of papers as long as your arm to his credit. His research interests include Neural Networks, Image Analysis and Medical Statistics. Mike has a PhD from Cambridge. He is pictured on his web page

Prof David Titterington

David Titterington is a well known Organist who was born in Oldham and brought up in Bolton. He is Head of Organ Studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London and has an international reputation. He played at the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts in 2000. Further information about David can be found on the Royal Academy of Music web site. He merited an entry in Who's Who in January 2005.


The Military Medal for Gallantry was awarded to the following soldiers serving with the British Army in WW1:

Name Rank Unit Notes
Titherington J M Sjt 27th Inf Bn Cdn
Titherington W V J Dvr 37th DS Coy RE
Titterington Harry Cpl 1/7 Bn Manchester Regt
Titterington J Pte 95th Fd Amb RAMC
Titterington P B Pte 17th Bn Liverpool Regt Awarded bar
Titterington Robert Pte 13th Bn Royal Scots
Titterington T E Act Sgt MMP

The Churches

John de Tidrington

John de Tidrington was Vicar of Sandbach when he was granted Adams lands in le Shydeyord (Sutton, Macclesfield Manor) on 1 October 1356. He might be the same person as John de Titryngton who was Vicar of Mitton (near Waddington) in 1385.

Rev William Titterington

William Titterington was the minister of the Moravian Church at Duckinfield (Cheshire) from 1896 to 1916. He was born at Kinwarlin in Northern Ireland and died at Duckinfield.

Rev William Thompson Titterington

William Thompson Titterington was born in Bridgetown, Barbados. He was ordained as a minister of the Moravian Church in 1876 and in 1882 appointed Headmaster of Fulneck School (Pudsey). He died on 24 September 1915.

Rev Mark Titterington

Mark Titterington was the Vicar of Woodplumpton near Preston. He was born in 1924 and died on 23 Dec 1992.

Rev John M Titterington

John Titterington's last ministry before going out to Papua New Guinea to continue the work of the Church there, was at Newchurch in Rossendale. In PNG he became Dean of the (Anglican) Cathedral in Port Moresby (1989-92). Now back in the UK he continues to be an enthusiastic supporter of this single name study project

Other Areas

Lucy Titherington

Lucy Titherington of Liverpool married Simon Weston the Falklands war veteran and survivor of the Sir Galahad bombing at Bluff Cove in 1982. They appeared in a TV documentary with their family in 1998.

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