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This site is the work of Bob Titterington and Alan Cookson who have been collaborating since 1995.

Bob Titterington

Bob is a retired University Lecturer having taught Communication Engineering for more than 30 years. His interest in family history was sparked at the discovery of an old victorian "memorial card" to commemorate the death of a Jane Titterington. This was found by Bob's father Sidney when clearing his brother's house in Liverpool at the time of the latter's death. The problem was that no-one knew who she was!
Some time later Bob discovered that she was his great grandfather's sister-in-law. Bob started work on his family history in the early 1970s and by the end of that decade had managed to put together a fair chunk of his immediate family as well as a number of other family groups which eventually proved to have no identifiable link to Bob's family. From the outset, Bob exploited his unusual name by obtaining copies of as much data as possible and trying to make some sense of it all in the comfort of home.
Interest slackened in the 1980s with the demands of a growing family but as the 1990s came, interest was gradually rekindled. Making contact with Alan Cookson in the mid 1990s was another strong incentive to continue the work.
The range of publicly available information was also expanding at this time with the release of many records from World War 1. The IGI and the availability and indexing of the 1881 census were new resources too, for someone who had not been active throughout the 1980s and early 90s. Fragmented family groups could increasingly be linked to form larger ones.

Bob is also an active Orienteer and holds an Amateur Radio transmitting licence.

Alan Cookson

Alan is the second son of John Cookson and Ivy Titterington and was born near Preston in 1950. He spent five years in the RAF and then worked in the field of Electrical Engineering for the next 25 years.
During a two year period as a service engineer he was called to Macclesfield to service some equipment. Seeing a sign for a place called Tytherington he called at the local library to find out more about this variation of his mother's maiden name. Thus he was hooked, like so many of us!
Twelve months working in London saw him making many visits to St Katherine's House and the library of the Church of LDS, as he started to build up the source material for a single name study.
Today he is the landlord of a pub in Nottinghamshire and with spare time at a premium, uses the internet extensively to pursue his hobby.

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