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DNA Primer

Bob attended the seminar on DNA Testing for Genealogists held by the Guild of One Name Studies at Oxford in May 2004. Click here for an explanation of the basics of DNA testing to establish the male lineage. This is not intended to be a comprehensive description but an attempt to focus the reader's attention on the key basics so that he or she can move on to more detailed accounts if they wish.

DNA Test Results

Only two test results for Titteringtons were available in January 2005. These were the 17 marker tests carried out at the University of Leicester as part of a PhD project by Turi King into whether an unusual surname was indicative of a male blood line relationship between the individuals concerned. The Rev John Titterington, descended from Archibald the Flax Dresser of Bentham and born around 1800, and from Bob Titterington of the Fylde families who can trace their line back to Kirkham in 1697.
The two results showed that both males were of haplogroup R1b - but then so are over 75% of the UK male population.
John and Bob differed in just one of the 17 markers (DYS389ii) where Bob had a count of 29 and John a count of 30. This indicates that they almost certainly have a common male ancestor. The approximate rate of mutation is 1:500 and if 17 markers are tested, 500/17 = 30. Hence 15 generations back from Bob and 15 generations back from John there is a common male ancestor
The rate of mutation is, however, only approximate and the probability of mutation is poisson distributed so the above calculation is the roughest of rough guides.

Harold Titherington out in Australia is currently having a DNA test carried out. He is descended from John the Bleacher of Bentham and if geography is a guide, he might be related to Rev John Titterington whose line goes back to Bentham.

DNA Tests

There are three principal businesses that carry out DNA testing. They are:

Family Tree DNA of Houston Texas - www.familytreedna.com
Oxford Ancestors Ltd of Oxford UK - www.oxfordancestors.com
Relative Genetics of Salt Lake City Utah - www.relativegenetics.com

With the fall in the dollar many UK genealogists are using the 25 marker test from Family Tree DNA. It is more expensive than the 12 marker test but has the ability to differentiate between branches of the same family as well as establishing that males have a common ancestor. Price guide (Jan 2005) is about 125 for the 25 marker test.

If your surname is Titterington and you are interested in working with other Titteringtons to secure the 'group rate' offered by most test houses then please get in touch with Bob at titterington@one-name.org

Further reading:

DNA for Family Historians by Alan Savin ISBN 0-9539171-0-X
Web site http://www.le.ac.uk/genetics/maj4/NewWebSurnames041008.html

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