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Brief descriptions of the family trees of Titteringtons and Titheringtons put together by Alan and Bob. Each description gives an indication of the size of the tree, the origins of that particular branch of the family and some indication of the number of members alive today.

The Trees

The Fylde Families

Generation after generation of Agricultural Labourers lived in the parish of Kirkham, Lancashire, England from about 1700 to after 1850. The area of England between Preston and Blackpool is known as the Fylde. There are 638 names and 10 generations on this tree and many branches are extended down to the 1901 census. Rather fewer families have been successfully extended to 1911 when the mother's maiden name was first indexed by the GRO in England and Wales. Members of this family are now spread all over the world. DNA testing has shown that the Fylde families have a common ancestor with the families of John the Bleacher and Archibald the Flaxdresser.

Archibald the Blacksmith

This family originates close to the point where the counties of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Westmorland meet. There are 510 names over 13 generations on this tree, with many branches extending down to the present day. There are 13 generations and 537 names on this tree.

Dalton Gamekeepers

In case you are interested, Dalton is a tiny village near the border between Lancashire and Westmorland (the latter having been superceded by Cumbria). There are now 508 names over 10 generations on this tree and it has resulted from the merger of the Burton Westmorland tree and the families of William of Witherslack and John and Dorothy into this tree. The family today is mostly concentrated around Penrith in Cumbria with branches in Australia and the USA. One of the family members runs the "Titteringtons of Penrith" coach business and travel agency.

Leeds, Wolverhampton and Coventry

This family has been traced back to Leeds and then via Wolverhampton to Coventry and thence to all over the UK. It should be called the 'Varley Titterington' family since it comprises his descendants. There are 234 names over 10 generations, of which at least two generations are alive today. This family has now been linked to that of Thomas the Stuffmaker in Halifax and also back to the Waddington families. See the notes below with Thomas the Stuffmaker.

Bentham and Clapham

This is based on the parish records of these two small towns in Yorkshire close to the Lancashire border. There are 245 names over 10 generations, but the line stops at about 1900 as the majority moved away from the area and have not been traced.

Benjamin of Colne

Colin Titherington has done 90% of the work on this family and part of the pedigree appears on the Internet. Benjamin accounted for virtually every Titherington who has lived in Colne during the past 200 years. This tree has grown to 286 names covering 8 generations.

Thomas the Ropemaster

A family of Titheringtons which had a new branch added in the summer of 2001 and a further merger as a result of the 1901 census entries, to give a total of four major branches. This one has 346 names over 8 generations and much help has come from Peter Thomas and Lionel Toole in its compilation. Thomas the Ropemaster worked in Liverpool and the family is still concentrated there today.

Archibald the Flaxdresser

Another Archibald at or near the head of the tree! This one married at Bentham which is near the border between Yorkshire and Lancashire. This family is mostly concentrated in the UK and there are 140 people over 8 generations on this tree. There is at least one untraced branch in the Manchester area. Archibald just has to be related to the Titteringtons on the Bentham and Clapham tree, but we have never succeeded in finding the details of his baptism. DNA testing has shown that the family of Archibald the Flaxdresser has a common ancestor with the Fylde families and the family of John the Bleacher.

Waddington and the Preston Market Gardeners

This is the result of the merging of two separate trees as the name suggests. It contains 216 names over 9 generations. There are a limited number of the male line alive today.

Morecambe Bay Fishermen

Unique as far as we know, they are the only family who have taken to fishing for a livelihood. There are 8 generations and 125 names on this tree and it has grown threefold in the year 2002.

Caton Stonemasons

At least four separate trees came together to form this one. These included some Stonemasons originating from Caton as you would expect; a family who lived in Cambridge around 1900 and some farmers from Sabden in Lancashire. This is a medium sized tree at 106 over 8 generations, but there is a strong peak between 1850 and 1940 and relatively little on present day members. Caton is a small village just outside Lancaster on the River Lune.

Haslingden Titheringtons

They are exactly as the name suggests - the Titheringtons who lived in and around Haslingden. The comprises 133 names over 6 generations.

Thomas the Stuffmaker

This is a new tree, thanks to Alan Titterington and Alan Cookson. Some of the Titteringtons in the Halifax area were very successful worsted spinners and there was also a link with Branwell Bronte, the brother of the famous literary sisters. There are 8 generations represented and 230 names. In 2005 Alan Titterington came up with a conveyance of property that linked this branch back to Newchurch in Pendle and the marriage of the Titterington half brothers to the Varley sisters Rachel and Leah in Colne. From there the trail led to Gisburn and Coldweather houses and finally to the Isabella Garner marriage at Waddington in 1683. This linked the two big family groups of Thomas the Stuffmaker with the Leeds/Varley tree and thence to the Waddington families.

Glasgow Family 1

A family originally from Northern Ireland who came to Glasgow and then emigrated to the US where they now live. 158 members over 8 generations.

John the Bleacher

A family of Titteringtons which appeared at Bentham at the beginning of the 19th century and has been tracked to Leeds and thence to Australia and the USA. In some branches, the family name was altered to Titherington. There are now 152 names over 8 generations on this one. DNA testing has shown that the family of John the Bleacher has a common ancestor with the Fylde families and the family of Archibald the Flaxdresser.

The remaining trees are smaller with fewer than 100 names on each one

Prescot Merchants

As the name indicates this family of Titheringtons were reasonably wealthy. There are 58 names over 5 generations and we now know that they travelled far and wide - Australia, Canada, the USA, South America and Africa. There may still be male members in Canada and Australia. Prescot is just outside Liverpool.

John the Blue Dyer

This family has examples of the name Titterington becoming Titherington. There are 77 entries over 8 generations and they originated in Rochdale in about 1810. John and his children moved about all over the area of the present day Greater Manchester and there are several branches flourishing in Lancashire today.

Moravian Families

There are two of these families and we believe they both originate from Northern Ireland. 44 members over 5 generations between them.

Hindle the Printer

A family who worked mostly in the print trade. They lived first in Accrington and then in the Manchester area. 41 members over 5 generations.

Henry and Sarah Winstanley

A Liverpool based family of Titheringtons. 38 members over 4 generations.

West Derby Gardeners

Des Titherington has done most of the work on this tree. His family originated in the Waddington/Clitheroe area and moved to Liverpool. There are 52 members over 7 generations.

Wildman Blacksmiths

Based around Carnforth this group have 37 names across 8 generations.

Manchester Titteringtons

There were very few Titteringtons in Manchester in the early 19th century. This family moved to the City and comprise 54 names over 7 generations.

Davis Titterington

The family of this soldier from Northern Ireland extends to 22 names over 6 generations.

Mark of Bolton

Mark emigrated to the USA but there are 5 generations and 34 names on this tree.

Clitheroe Family

A very small tree with only 13 individuals over 3 generations. In need of further work.

Jersey Families

Another very small tree with only 23 individuals over 7 generations. The family originated from Salford but further work is needed to try to link them to one of the large family groups in Lancashire.

Thomas the Warehouseman

Lionel Toole highlighted this group of just 18 Titheringtons over 5 generations in Liverpool. The family goes back to about 1800 and it gets hard to establish links with other groups this far back.

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