Family Gathering 29 Mar 05

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Halifax Courier
Brighouse Echo
Hebden Bridge Times

Lord Nelson Inn at Luddenden

The rendezvous for the day was at the Lord Nelson Inn Luddenden near Halifax. This picturesque Inn was built, according to the date above the door,(near photo), in 1634. The road curves around the Inn as it drops steeply down to Luddenden Brook. Opposite the Inn is the War Memorial and beyond that the Parish Church of St Mary.

Parish Church of St Mary

Immediately opposite the Inn lies the beautiful Parish Church of St Mary. The design is unusual in that the nave is a single span with no pillars. It is built right alongside Luddenden Brook in whose steeply sloping valley the village is located. The original gravestones in the old Churchyard have been moved and mostly placed flat to form pathways, so as to reduce the maintenance required. A new cemetery was opened on the other side of the brook and linked to the old churchyard by a bridge.

Group Photo

All those who came for the 'Titterington Trail' Tour during the day, answered the questions posed by the reporter from the Halifax Courier and then lined up on the steps of the War Memorial for a Group Photograph.


This gravestone, standing beside the path to the Church porch marked the grave of the children of Thomas and Ely Titterington. The inscription reads:

In MEMORY of Sarah Daughter of Thomas Titterington of Oldriding in Warley who Departed this Life Feb 6th 1798 the 17th year of her Age. Also Rebecca the Wife of Tho Titterington of Oldriding in Warley who departed this life Feby 16th 1813 Aged 66 Years ALSO Rebecca Daughter of Ely Titterington of High Lees in Midgley who died May 14th 1825 aged 14 months Also Ely his Son who died March 13th 1829 aged 7 months Also James Son of the above Thomas Titterington who died July 15th 1838 in the 68th year of his Age

Cabinet Grave

Tour organiser Alan Titterington is seen at the cabinet grave of Eli Titterington (d 2 Jan 1855), his wife Grace (d 27 Nov 1848) and their son James (d 25 Sep 1852).
Pictured left to right:
Alan, obscured, Marvyl Holder nee Rommel, Lowell Titterington from Illinois, (behind Lowell) Ralph Titterington Carver, Dorothy Titterington nee Roberts, Dawn Wilson nee Titterington, Lauren Wilson (pink coat), Ian Titterington, Johnathon Wilson (in parka).

Thomas Titterington memorial

A later memorial in the new cemetery over the river is dedicated to the family of Thomas Titterington and Mary Ann Gledhill and their descendants down to Lottie Mary McMinn Titterington who died as recently as 1964. Roger Titterington and his wife Liz had cleared the grave site of overhanging bushes and undergrowth prior to the visit. On the day of the tour, they laid daffodils and spring catkins at the grave.

Old Ridings

The party had split up into groups, each led by a member of Alan's family. We drove a mile up the road to Old Ridings, the house purchased by Thomas Titterington in 1777. Jill Cramp the present owner is in the middle of an extensive renovation programme and generously allowed us access to the house.
Pictured left to right are: Marvyl Holder, Alan Titterington, Ian Wilson, foreground Ian Titterington, behind Phyllis Titterington nee Boney, Evelyn Verrone?, Lowell Titterington, Ralph Titterington Carver, Dorothy Titterington nee Roberts.

High Lees

Thomas's son Eli occupied the house at High Lees, which looks across the valley to Old Riding. The buildings were also used as a production base and he purchased the house in 1806. Today the house is owned by Steve and Nick Jackson who kindly laid out some of the historic documents relating to the property in their garage.

Lunch at the Golf Club

The first picture shows (L to R) Evelyn Verrone, Ann Flatley nee Titterington and Carrie Dugdale nee Titterington.

The second picture shows Nell Lucas from Philadelphia talking to Phyllis Titterington of Illinois.

Roger and Liz Titterington catch up on the Titterington Trail notes over lunch. On the far right is their son James.
Far picture (not many chips left on this table!) are (left to right) Chad Bailey (partner of Chloe Titterington), William Titterington and Chanel Patterson.

Halifax Parish Church

Standing in front of the Church porch are (left to right):
Phyllis Titterington, Ann Flatley, Lowell Titterington, Evelyn Verrone?

Square Congregational Chapel

Thomas Titterington was interred at Square Congregational Chapel. Now an Arts Centre the gravestones have been laid flat to form a pavement around the original chapel and the later tower. Unfortunately the tower is being restored and the area around it is out of bounds for some months. Consequently Alan has been unable to gain access to see if he can find the gravestone for Thomas.

Halifax Piece Hall

A remarkable building designed by the youthful Thomas Bradley. It comprises an open square surrounded by rooms on three levels which open out onto walkways. The merchants of the day, including Eli Titterington, rented rooms from which they conducted their businesses trading in cloth.

The actual room occupied by Eli is shown in the second photograph.

Fylde Family Group

The members of the Fylde Families who attended are pictured in the Lord Nelson during the evening gathering. Left to right:
Lauren Wilson, Dorothy Titterington, Johnathon Wilson, Ian Titterington, Dawn Wilson nee Titterington, Ian Wilson, Bob Titterington.
The Fylde Families tree is pinned up on the wall behind them.

Evening visitors

Some of the participants were only able to attend the evening session at the Lord Nelson. Landlady Debbie laid on a superb buffet which was enjoyed by all. Alan Titterington spoke briefly about the family of Thomas the Stuffmaker and then outlined some of the work of Alan Cookson in tracing the general descent of the family from the 14th century.
Bob Titterington then outlined the principles of Y chromosome DNA testing to establish which present day family groups had a common ancestor. He presented the results for the Fylde families, John the Bleacher and Archibald the Flaxdresser which showed that they all did share a common ancestor.

Pictured above are Charlie Adamson and Suzanne Nicholas. Suzanne is descended from the Bentham and Clapham families and her family tree is on the wall behind her.

Roberta Ashworth, (opposite) the partner of Lee Titterington, was only able to come over from Rochdale at the last minute. She was the only member of the family of Archibald the Flaxdresser present.

Other Images

These pictures are from Peter Bennett
Sue Park, Liz Hill and Mary BarnettAlan tells the tale of Thomas the StuffmakerLiz Hill at the gate of the Piece Market
Plaque in the belltower of Luddenden ChurchBob attempts to read one of the indentures in the kitchen of OldridingsLiz Hill and Sue Park in jolly mood
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