Family Gathering 25 March 2008

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St Michael and All Angels Mottram in Longdendale

The rendezvous this year was the village of Mottram in Longdendale to the east of Manchester. This was chosen because it is the parish where the family of 'Hindle the Printer' finally settled and where Hindle himself lies in the adjacent public cemetery along with two other Titterington graves.
The day turned out to be rather inauspicious and followed a significant snowfall over the Easter weekend. The biting wind kept us inside for most of the time and also resulted in far fewer photographs to post on this site than is usually the case.
The picture shows the Church viewed from the south gate of the churchyard with Julie Carlisle (daughter of Carrie Dugdale nee Titterington).

The second picture shows the group on one of the rare occasions when we were more or less all together outdoors.
With such a chill wind blowing, it was not a day to hang about on the pavement but we missed Ian Wilson when it came to photo time!

The Rev Philip Burrows had come along to welcome us to the Parish and to tell us something about the Church. The ladies of the Church provided coffee and biscuits which were more than welcome on such a cold day. Peter Elwood and Tony Kershaw gave conducted tours of the Church and the bell tower was also open for the adventurous.

The Programme for the Day

The urban sprawl of Manchester made the programme of previous 'Trails' untenable. It was just not practical to drive around in a large convoy.
Five sites of family interest were identified and participants were free to choose which to visit in the time between leaving St Michael's soon after 1100 and arriving at Prestbury Village Hall for a simple lunch at 1300. The direct journey took 30 minutes, so some selection was necessary.

Mottram Cemetery

The first site was the adjoining Tameside Council cemetery where Hindle Titterington and close members of his family are buried.
The picture on the left shows (L to R)John Titterington, Alice Titterington (widow of Joseph Titterington) and Kathleen Hughes nee Titterington - all descendants of Hindle Titterington; leaving the cemetery. Notice the snow on the Pennines in the distance.
On the right Clayton Carver (left) and Les Price; the grandson and son-in-law of Lowell and Phyllis Titterington are pictured in the cemetery.

Broadbottom War Memorial

Broadbottom is located about a mile and a half south of Mottram, past some fields that were once farmed by Titteringtons. Frank and Tom Titterington were grandsons of Hindle and were both killed in France serving with the Royal Scots Fusiliers.

Titterington Avenue

Located in Stretford, this was a 'must see' for the group. The short road of houses was built by a member of the Dalton Gamekeepers family of Titteringtons who had come down from the Lake District to Manchester. He was in partnership with a guy called Scott, after whom the adjacent street is named.

Park Road Cemetery Cheadle

The grave of Charles and Dorothy Titterington is located here and this was of interest to members of the 'Morecambe Bay Fishermen' family of Titteringtons. Charles was an engine driver on the railways and he and Dorothy moved to this area to follow their children there when he retired.

St Mary's Cheadle

The grave of William Titterington and his second wife Mary Howarth Bowron is conveniently situated so that it can be seen just by looking over the wall opposite the Pay and Display car park. They were members of the family group of Archibald the Blacksmith who originated from Bentham in West Yorkshire.

Prestbury Village Hall

We assembled at the village hall in Prestbury for a simple lunch. In fact some of the less hardy participants passed on visiting cold and windy cemeteries on such a cold day and headed directly for the lunch venue from Mottram. The photograph on the left shows the ladies who rallied round to provide tea and cakes to round off the afternoon. From left to right: Sheila Titterington (Fylde families), Noreen Titterington (Thomas the Stuffmaker) and Sue Park (nee Titterington) (Thomas the Stuffmaker). Everyone thought the homemade cakes and buns were excellent.

It was a new concept to base ourselves at a village hall for the afternoon session and it was good to have somewhere to settle down out of the cold. We seated ourselves in family groups and it was an opportunity to meet ralatives you never knew you had and to catch up with Titteringtons you had met on previous 'Trails'.
The idea of coming to Prestbury was to visit the area where we believe the name Titterington originated. There are old documents referring to Tytherington Hall and the family that owned it.
The photograph above right shows the stained glass window in the chapel at the end of the south aisle of the parish church of St Peter. The family name can be clearly seen across the bottom of the window. A visit to the Church (which was a short walk away) was part of the afternoon programme. There was also a presentation on the Titterington DNA project and Alan Titterington entertained us with signatures and anecdotes. The afternoon proceedings were rounded off with the usual raffle ( a cunning ploy to get the name badges back ready for TT5 in 2009!).

Evening Social in the Lygon Arms

The day was rounded off with a social gathering in the Lygon Arms - a pub and eatery in the upmarket village of Prestbury.

Other Images

Thanks are due to Karen Price, Carrie Dugdale and Bob Titterington for the photographs both above and below
Alan and Viv Titterington from Haverhill. (Morecambe Bay Fishermen)Geoff and Clare Titterington (Hindle the Printer). They are the parents of the only Titterington to have a Who's Who entry. This is the Organist David Titterington.Jason Titterington (left) from Halifax catches up with his US relative Lowell Titterington from Illinois
The family of Hindle the Printer. L to R standing: Alison Philips, Robert Titterington from Guernsey, Kathleen Hughes. Front: Alice Titterington, Emma Hughes?, John Titterington, Alice Hughes?The family of Lowell Titterington from Illinois. L to R:Lowell Titterington, Karen Price, Les Price, Clayton Carver and Phyllis TitteringtonJohn and Mary Anne Titterington with Charlie and Jean Titterington from the Leeds/Varley family group, now linked to Thomas the Stuffmaker.
Bob and Sheila Titterington from the Fylde familiesAudrey Walsh and her daughter Michele Carber of the Fylde familiesMichael and Daphne Titterington of the Dalton Gamekeepers who travelled up from Bedfordshire
Garry (left) and Paul (right) Titterington from the Leeds2 family (probably linked to the Leeds/Varley group)John and Jean Titterington from the Fylde Families?Colin Titterington from the 'John the Bleacher' family group
William Titterington(centre) and Sid (right)The Alan Titteringtons (left Morecambe Bay Fishermen, right Thomas the Stuffmaker)

..and finally

Thank you for all your kind comments and suggestions. The 'Gang of Three' are so encouraged by these that we are planning to have another 'Titterington Trail' in 2009.
Once again the Tuesday after Easter seems to be a generally acceptable date, so please put Tuesday 14th April 2009 in your diary.

Last of all I must thank my fellow organisers, Carrie Dugdale and Alan Titterington, without whom the day would simply not have happened.

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