This page is news of the major activities over the last year (2004)

The Website

The site was first uploaded in January 2001 and initially relied on the link from the site of the Guild of One Name Studies for the hits that are received. More recently there have been an increasing number of people accessing the site through one or other of the well known search engines.
The ISP has now removed the site counter so we are not sure how many hits there have been. However, the number of enquiries is definitely increasing and we hope we have been able to respond to the satisfaction of all those kind enough to get in touch with us.

Entry in Who's Who

Professor David Titterington is a new entrant into the 2005 edition of Who's Who. David is Professor of Organ and Head of Organ studies at the Royal Academy of Music. He is descended from the family of 'Hindle the Printer' who, in turn, may well be descended from the Waddington families. David is to be congratulated on this milestone. Details appeared in the Times on 11 Jan 2005.

Nigerian Scams

Surely there is no one out there who still falls for those Nigerian (and other African sourced) scams that claim you are owed millions which the sender can get released to you if only you will send him $2000 first.....
You will be amused to see the 'pitch' made in January 2005 to a member of the Halifax Families - enjoy!

> Plot 2A Glover Road,
> south west Ikoyi
> Lagos - Nigeria.

> Dear sir,

> I am Barrister Sasi Rotimi, a solicitor at law.
> I am the personal attorney to Mr. George Titterington,a national of your country, who worked with National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) here in Nigeria,Herein after referred as my client. On the 28 January 2003, my client, his wife and their three children were involved in a car accident along Okigwe Umuahia express road. All occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost their lives. etc etc etc

1891 Census

Following the successful conclusion of the downloading of all Titterington/Titherington/name variants from the 1901 census by Alan Cookson, Bob Titterington, Ann Flatley and Lionel Toole, Bob has downloaded all the Titterington/Titherington entries on the 1891 census from This costs money of course and Bob may be able to help you for free with a specific query about a family entry. He is now trawling through all the entries trying to link them to entries in 1881 and 1901 and to identify the family group to which each entry belongs.

Remarkable Pictures

Alan Titterington of Halifax was in touch in 2003 and has appraised us of the existence of some remarkable pictures. These are so unique that this item has been retained from the last version of the site.

The link between a John Titterington and Branwell Bronte, brother of the famous Bronte sisters has long been known from Branwell's diaries. What is much less well known is that Branwell painted portraits of his friend John and also of John's wife Mary Holdsworth.

These pictures are still in the possession of Alan and his family and are the earliest known pictures of Titteringtons. John Titterington was the eldest son of Eli Titterington and Grace Ogden and was a worsted spinner, manufacturer who resided at Higgin Chamber Mill, Sowerby, Halifax.

John was born on 28 April 1807 at High Lees, Midgeley, Halifax. His wife was Mary Holdsworth who was born on 11th October 1812 at Shibden, Halifax and they married on 3rd Dec 1843.

This family were very wealthy both at this time and in the years leading to the end of the 19th century but for some reason John was cut out from his father's will. Eli and Grace had eleven children altogether and much of Eli's wealth found its way to John's younger brother Thomas who was even more successful as a worsted spinner.
However, despite being left out of their share of Eli's wealth, this branch of the family have these unique historic pictures in their possession today.

Alan Titterington has also helped us to compile what we believe to be a reasonably complete pedigree for this family. This has 230 names and covers eight generations. It goes back to Thomas Titterington born in 1747 and married to Rebeckah Helliwell.

Visits to/from abroad

Sue Tume visited the UK from Australia in September 2004. She and Bob managed to meet up at Liverpool's Maritime Museum where they monopolised a table in the cafeteria for over three hours talking about family history. Sue is descended from the family of 'Thomas the Ropemaster' who have been in Liverpool since the beginning of the 19th century.
Sue and Bob are pictured (right) on the steps of the Museum just as they went their separate ways.

Lee Titterington of Arizona USA was in London over Christmas doing some research on his non-Titterington ancestors.

Lowell and Phyllis Titterington of Illinois USA are planning a brief trip to the UK in April. They are descended from the Halifax Titteringtons.

Progress in the last year

DNA is very much the flavour of the moment in the world of single name genealogical studies. A new section of this web site has been written devoted to this topic and details of the first results for Titteringtons are posted there. As the big Titterington and Titherington family groups are identified and 'audited' at successive censuses, DNA is the way to identify links between the groups. Now that there are a few Titteringtons with DNA results that are known, there is someone to compare your results to should you decide to have a test done (assuming you are male and have the surname Titterington or Titherington).

Adam Pooley got in touch and thanks to him the origin of the Titteringtons in Luton was finally revealed. They are a branch of the 'Dalton Gamekeepers' family who came down from Westmorland at the beginning of the 20th century.

Phyllis Kidd was another who was able to solve a puzzle. A picture of the grave of Cpl Edward Titterington of 171st Tunnelling Company RE was included on a previous version of this web site. The CWGC state that he was born in Bristol which was quite a mystery. Phyllis's input showed that he was actually aged nearly 50 when he died, which is incredibly old for a soldier near the front line. He was born the son of an itinerant labourer who probably worked on the construction of the railway network in the 19th century. Edward was in fact born in Somerset but there is no sign of his birth being registered.

Margaret Yorke of Chester sent pictures of Deva Terrace Chester which was built by the 'yet to be bankrupted' William Titterington - a Cotton Broker and a member of the 'Prescot Merchants' family.

Many others have been in contact having seen this web site. Their contributions have all helped to piece together a little more of the Titterington 'jig-saw'.

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