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Alan and Bob have been gathering information on Titteringtons and Titherington for nearly 30 years now. A summary of what they have available is found elsewhere on this site. resources

We welcome the opportunity to share information with you as a two way process, enabling you to tap into our data and us to extend our family groups with information from you. If you are a relative newcomer to Family History then please don't try reinventing the wheel if it concerns Titteringtons or Titheringtons.

Just starting to research your branch of the Titterington/Titherington family?

Send us as much as you can about your 'line' and try to include the maiden names of your ancestors wives. We will have a very good chance of linking them to an existing family group if the oldest member was born in England. Even if they were born elsewhere there is a chance that we can help. If the oldest Titterington/Titherington you know of was alive in 1891 and living in England or Wales then there is an even better chance of a good 'result'.

Encountered a Titterington or Titherington in the course of researching another name?

Send us the details of all the Titteringtons or Titheringtons you have encountered (including children and spouses if known) and we will try to connect to an existing family. This year (2000) in the cafeteria at Myddleton Place, Bob Titterington overheard the group at the next table talking about an Elizabeth Titterington. She transpired to be his great grandfather's eldest sister and useful information for both parties was exchanged.


Family History is our hobby and we are happy to help you for free on the basis that the information flows both ways and we both benefit. Between us we make about two trips a year down to London to the Family History Centre at Myddleton Place.

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