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Alan and Bob have, between them, spent many many hours in Record Offices throughout England and many hours on the Internet to assemble a range of data on Titteringtons and Titheringtons. We are also indebted to Rev John Titterington who has visited the Record Offices at Northallerton and Preston on our behalf. This page lists the extracts we have taken and hold today. We are happy to use them to help you in your own work on the Titterington and Titherington names. Please see Research

The Resources

General Record Office (GRO)

The registration of Births Deaths and Marriages began in England and Wales in the last quarter of 1837 and the indexes to these records are freely available for reference at the Family Record Centre, Myddleton Place, London. We have looked at every index volume (four per year for the most part) from 1837 to 1999 and copied the entries for the two names. In addition we have some entries for name variants but these are always a problem since they are indexed in unpredictable places.
The following numbers of index entries have been copied:

High Court Family Division

Since 1858 Probate records have been kept by the State and not by the Church. From 1858 the indexes were very comprehensive and can be viewed free of charge in London. Normally the name and address of the deceased are given together with the place of death, the amount they left, their occupation and (in the case of a woman) their marital status. The identity of the executors is indexed too and this can be very useful to geneologists. From 1968 only the name, address, date of death and amount left are indexed.
Copies of the Probate Indexes for both names are held for the period 1858-1997. There are 430 Titterington entries and 165 Titherington entries.

Census Records

The first complete census of England and Wales was in 1841. This was a bit limited in that the relationship of each person in the household to the head of the household was not stated. In addition ages were rounded to the nearest 5 years and the place of birth was simply recorded as the county of birth. The censuses from 1851 onwards included the exact place of birth, the exact age of each person and their relationship to the head of the household.
The whole of the 1881 census has been indexed and is widely available. The 1851 census has also been widely indexed by Family History Societies across the country. Indexing is vital because the entries are by address and not by name. Without the address the whole of the target town or village must be searched house by house - a most laborious process.
We have a great many of the Lancashire census entries and in the case of 1861, 1871 and 1891 this also applies outside of Liverpool and Manchester thanks to the efforts of the Lancashire Family History and Heraldry Society.
Street Directories for the big cities are useful to locate the addresses where Titteringtons and Titheringtons lived. These addresses can then be looked up in the census records
The 1901 census is now available on the PRO website. Alan, Ann and Bob have downloaded the Titterington and Titherington entries.
The 1891 census has been transcribed and is available on subscription from Bob has downloaded the Titterington and Titherington entries and is now (Jan 2005) ploughing through them all to cross reference each entry to the 1881 and 1901 censuses and to try to establish to which family group each entry belongs.
The 1881 census is available on the Internet in transcribed form. Go to and select then then <1881 British Census>.

International Geological Index (IGI)

This is the result of work by the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS). The IGI for Great Britain and Ireland is widely available together with the later "Vital Records Index". The majority of this material comes from Parish Registers but it is not complete, partly because some of the original registers have been lost.

Social Security Death Index (SSDI)

The US SSDI is available on the Internet and it lists all citizens who have been in receipt of social security benefits in the US. It is updated regularly.

Parish Registers

Alan and Bob have reasonably complete copies of the Titterington and Titherington entries in the following Parish Registers:

Monumental Inscriptions

We have Monumental Inscriptions from the following Cemeteries and Churchyards:

Military Records

We have copies of the following records:

Telephone Directories

Telephone Directories are probably the best indicator of the distribution of the name. For the United Kingdom the directories of the mid 1990s having the greatest number of entries were:

Copies of the UK Directories for 1975/6, 1980/81 and 1992/95 for Titteringtons and 1992/96 for Titheringtons are held

Street Directories

Street Directories were popular from the mid 19th century to the mid 20th century and were produced for many of the major towns and cities in the UK. As noted under censuses, their prime use is in identifying addresses to be checked against the census returns. After 1901 (the last year for which census information is currently available) they are useful in keeping track of families in the big cities.

Extracts from Scofield's, Gore's, Woodward's and Kelly's directories of Liverpool for the years from 1800 to 1960 extracts from 42 directories are held.

Extracts from Pigot's and Slater's directories of Manchester for the years 1836, 1858 and 1910

Extracts from Robinson's and Kelly's directories of Leeds for the years 1853, 1912, 1923 and 1947

Extracts from the directories of Preston for the years 1858 and 1892

Extracts from the directory of Westmorland for 1897

Extracts from Kelly's directory of the Midlands for 1921

Extracts from the 1858 directory of Lancashire (farmers only)

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