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27th August

Pictures of weekend will be posted in the Friends section through the course of the day. Excellent weekend with a great performance of Col Abraham Trapped ! Also some excellent Christmas Carol singing and mobile disco's......


23rd August

Gillingham have Norwich Saturday and then Preston at home on Monday. If we can beat Norwich who are second will be well up there.

Off to Tibshelf for weekend away, kids with in-laws. Large group of us going for Kates birthday. Hopefully will pop in and see Jon S at his new work place.

Come on Gillingham...


21st August

Have now worked out a dive plan for Corsica with the highlight being a wreck dive onto a B17 bomber, which is in excellent condition, and rated one of the top wreck Dives in the world.

Have also updated various sections on this site, with more pictures added to the Mollie and Jay sections, as I will be starting back at work and I don't wonna see silly picture of parties and so forth ;o)

These pictures will be posted up again once my ISP gives me more space.


20th August

Jay cut his first tooth today. Also got confirmation that I start at Legal and General on 16th September, the day after I get back from Corsica.


19th August

The football, and Big Brother have gone, the athletics have finished, and Gillingham are top of Division One, so today I decided to sign a job offer.


13th August

Faffing marvellous win for the Gills, 1-0 against Derby. That takes us to the top five in Div 1.



11th August

Off to Cardiff to watch the Charity Shield this morning.....thanks to Dickie Sausage for the chance of tickets.



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