Full Circle CD cover
Artist: Colin Towns
Title: Full Circle - CD
Record Label: KOCH
Catalogue No.: 3-8703-2H1
Year: 1995

Track listing:

The CD includes the following LP tracks:

Full Circle (The Haunting Of Julia)

  1. Theme From Full Circle - The Park (10.43)
  2. Have You Got A Magnificent Problem? (2.22)
  3. Pretty Men Are Very Receptive (3.18)
  4. Kate (2.51)
  5. Olivia (4.55)
  6. Love Scene (3.19)
  7. Magnus - The Unwelcome Intrusion (3.55)
  8. Full Circle (Everything's Right Now) (7.16)

as well as the following:

Trumpet Concerto For String Orchestra

  1. Movement #1 (11.23)
  2. Movement #2 (9.09)
  3. Movement #3 (9.23)

  4. 1930 Cityscape (3.40)
Total running time of CD = 72.15

All music composed by Colin Towns
CD produced by Colin Towns and Nick Redman
Full Circle composed, performed and produced by Colin Towns
Vocals: Colin Towns
Additional percussion: Mark Nauseef
Recorded at Kingsway Recorders, London
Engineer: Paul "Chas" Watkins
Tape Op: Bob Broglia

Trumpet Concerto recorded at CTS Studios, Wembley, London
Orchestrations: Colin Towns
Engineer: Dave Hunt
Trumpet Concerto For String Orchestra conducted by Allan Wilson
Trumpet soloist: Graham Ashton
Baritone sax on 1930 Cityscape by Phil Todd

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