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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme is designed to challenge and develop young people in a number of areas.

There are three progressive levels that can be achieved within the scheme (Bronze, Silver and Gold), each with increasing difficulty and greater challenges.

At each of these levels there are four sections that have to be completed by each participant:

A Skill or Interest, which can be any one of hundreds of hobbies, which can include parts of the normal ATC training.

Volunteering/Service for the community, which can include First Aid Training, Instruction in Fire Safety and Prevention or one of many more activities.

A Physical Recreation section, which can involve sports, fitness training or other physical activity.

An Expedition where a group of participants must plan a route, organise their equipment and food, and travel a prescribed distance, including overnight camps, whist being assessed on their navigational and campcraft skills. 

In addition, at Gold level, each participant must complete a Residential Project, to demonstrate their team working and social skills. 

Completion of each level results in the award of a certificate, and those candidates successfully qualifying for a Gold award will have this presented by a member of the Royal Family at a special ceremony at one of the Royal Palaces.

Although the Duke of Edinburgh Award is not just limited to the ATC, we are the largest operating authority for the scheme in the world.

Click here to go to the official Duke of Edinburgh Award web site for more information on the award scheme.

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