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Grob Tutor

All 361 Squadron cadets have the opportunity to fly in Grob Tutor aircraft at 11 AEF (Air Experience Flight) located at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire. The Tutor is a two seat, fully aerobatic training aircraft with dual controls which enables cadets to fly the aircraft, after take off, under the supervision of a fully qualified and highly experienced pilot.

Tutor Cockpit

Flights can include basic flight instruction, aerobatics or simply seeing the local sights from the air depending upon personal preferences and interests.

For more information on the Grob Tutor click here.


The Air Cadet Organisation operates the largest gliding organization in the world with a fleet of around 53 Grob Vigilant T Mk1 self-launching motor gliders and approximately 100 Grob Viking TX1 winch-launched gliders.

Cadets from 361 Squadron normally go gliding at 645 VGS (Voluntary Gliding Squadron) which is located at RAF Topcliffe, near Thirsk in North Yorkshire. 645 VGS is equipped with the twin seat Vigilant self-launching glider, which has the ability to take off using its engine just like any other powered aircraft, and then glide by throttling back, or switching off the motor. 

Vigilant Self-Launching Glider

Cadets who are under 16 years old can complete a progressive series of Gliding Induction Courses (GIC) which consists of a number of flights with an instructor to learn about the basic theory and practice of flying the Vigilant in the air. Click here to learn more about Gliding Induction Courses.

                       Click here to learn more about Gliding Induction Courses
Vigilant Cockpit

Click here to learn more about Gliding ScholarshipsThose cadets who are 16 or over, can apply for a Gliding Scholarship, which includes full training on taking off, flying a circuit of the airfield and landing the aircraft. Successful completion of this course culminates in a solo flight and the award of your silver glider pilot wings. If you do not fly solo, you will still qualify for blue glider pilot wings. Click here to learn more about Gliding Scholarships.

To find out more about all gliding courses click here.

(If you want to know more about the Vigilant self-launching glider click here.)

Other Flying Opportunities

There are many other opportunities for ATC Cadets to fly in a variety of aircraft. 

These range from passenger flights in a wide range of RAF aircraft whilst at annual camp, through to Flying Scholarships, Microlight Courses and the Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Scheme. 


Click here to view a poster with more information on the Air Cadet Pilot Schemes available to Cadets.

You could also be selected for Paragliding and Parachute courses.

In the ATC, the Sky's the Limit!

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