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Other Activities at 361 (Gateshead) Squadron

Some (but not all!) of our other activities are described below.


The majority of cadets enjoy drill, as it promotes a sense of team working and results in great satisfaction and personal pride.

You will learn how to carry out both static and marching drill movements, and may even get the opportunity to command the squad yourself.

361 Squadron also has its own continuity drill squad which performs a complex drill sequence without any words of command being issued. The continuity squad has performed in public at the Tyneside Festival of Remembrance where they received many accolades.

Drill is also a competitive activity and every year we participate in the Durham/Northumberland Wing drill competition.

We also participate in the Gateshead Remembrance Sunday parade held in November each year as well as the annual Battle of Britain parade in Durham.


361 Squadron participates in a wide range of sports at both Squadron and Wing level.

These include Athletics, Cross Country, Soccer, Rugby, Swimming, Table Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball  and Netball.

We have also had cadets regularly selected to represent Durham/Northumberland Wing and the North Region.


The ATC has its own two-way radio network operating on reserved non-public frequencies, using a combination of fixed base stations and hand-held transceivers.

All cadets receive training in the operation of these radios which has to be carried out using military procedures and call-signs, and most members of 361 Squadron have qualified for their Provisional Radio Operators Certificates.

Recreational Activities

Although the ATC is a uniformed organisation, every few weeks, 361 Squadron does organise a variety of non-uniformed recreational activities. Many of these are at the specific request of the cadets themselves, and have included tenpin bowling, group visits to the cinema, games and quiz nights, etc.

Over the past few years it has also become a tradition for cadets at the squadron to organise a fund raising event for the "Children in Need" charity.

Even More!

Cadets also have opportunities to take part in leadership and initiative training, sailing, canoeing and motorboat courses and much, much more.

Come along on one of our Parade nights and find out more about what you could be doing.

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