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Rifle Shooting and Marksman Awards

Target rifle shooting is a popular activity at 361 Squadron. We have regular use of the 25 metre indoor rifle range at the adjoining RFCA (Territorial Army) centre which gives our cadets the opportunity to improve their rifle skills and accuracy.

Cadets are initially trained to fire the standard issue .22" calibre Lee Enfield No. 8 rifle, and once judged to be competent on this rifle, they will progress on to the Anshutz target rifle which is also has a .22" calibre, but is specially designed for higher accuracy in competitive shooting.

L98-A1 5.56 mm RifleThe next rifle that cadets are taught to fire is the L98-A2 rifle which is a specially modified version of the L85-A1 standard service rifle. 

This rifle is semi-automatic and fires a 5.56 mm calibre round, and can be used on 25 or 30 metre outdoor (barrack) ranges, and also on long outdoor (gallery) ranges which can be 100 metres or more in length.

Cadets can qualify for a series of four marksmanship awards and badges, ranging from Squadron Marksman, through Wing and Regional Marksman to the highest level of Corps Marksman.

Cadets from 361 Squadron have also successfully participated in numerous shooting competitions.

Marksmanship Badges

Squadron Marksman Badge

Wing Marksman Badge

Squadron Marksman

Wing Marksman

Region Marksman Badge

Regional Marksman

Corps Marksman

Training and Safety

Safety is always the overriding factor when shooting, so all cadets receive full training and instruction on both range safety procedures and on the safety procedures applicable to each specific rifle (known as "Dry Training") from qualified weapons instructors. 

Cadets must then pass a Weapons Handling Test on each type of rifle to ensure their competence before being allowed to fire, and they are always under close and constant supervision whenever any range shooting practices are carried out.

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