About John and Meredith

Mystical Glastonbury the Isle of Avalon

John and Meredith Flanagan are an Irishman and an American woman who reside in the Mystical town of Glastonbury, the Isle of Avalon. Together they have found the Order of the Glastonbury Rose, which is dedicated to the teaching of truth through love. The Order of the Glastonbury Rose symbolizes, to us, the universal unconditional love that permeates all existence, the father mother God and Goddess.

John has been involved in spiritual and esoteric study and healing for over twenty years, notably the Infinite Way, the work of Joel Goldsmith, and the teachings of the Magus of Strovolos, Daskolos. He has also studied two forms of meditation. In a near death experience in Turkey in 1996, three inner plain teachers revealed themselves, and guided him to a place of understanding. He truly acknowledges their presence in all his work through the law of oneness. He is a practitioner of the Infinite Way, a member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and a teacher of meditation.

Meredith has been involved in spiritual study for several years, a seeker of wisdom and truth. After spending time with an Avatar in India and undergoing the ancient cleansing Pancha Karma her life transformed. Discovering her natural healing abilities, she is a qualified Stress Management consultant and Indian Head Masseur. She has degree in Writing and Drama, and has written and performed a one woman show in London, as well as an account of her spiritual journey to India.

They also facilitate transformational journeys in to the sacred sites of the west country of England. http://www.quovadistours.co.uk/

Our most important accomplishment to date is the birth of our baby girl, Crea-Rose, on June 19th, 2000, a teacher to both of us.