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Maps of green beltsclick here for all England, and here for the Metropolitan Green Belt.  There is also a Government interactive map on for the precise boundaries of Green Belts.  Green Belt boundaries are shown on the maps published with the local planning authority District / Borough Plan which can be seen at libraries and the appropriate main council office.

Green Belt history – why were they necessary?  Click here for an illustrated history.

Major change to this website

The London Green Belt Council now has its own website which is

The contents of London Green Belt Council pages have now been removed.

11 years old – Yes, it was April 1999 when this website went live.  Amazingly, in July 1999 an American TV producer contacted us asking for help in making a documentary showing how the UK Green Belts prevented the countryside from being submerged in an ever-expanding London.  A few years later this website became the joint website for both this society and the London Green Belt Council.  In October 2009 the latter created its own website – see above.

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