Brookmans Park Transmitting Station Action Committee

Updated 27 Sept 2001

About 100 local residents held a meeting at the Dutch Nursery on 14 May 2001 to hear about, and discuss, the two recent planning applications for 6 more satellite dishes (up to 16m diameter i.e. 52 feet) and more mobile phone antennae on the 45m lattice mast. This Society explained the background to the siting of these dishes etc on the BBC site, and the planning position. The Society also offered to obtain legal advice on how best to oppose these, and future, applications. As a result of the meeting, many residents are to object to the applications, as is this Society. See Objections 2001 for details.

Legal advice is that objectors do not have to prove any health risk. It should be enough to demonstrate that there is a strongly perceived risk of harm, and that people are not buying or moving away because of the dishes etc on this site. If many local residents object to the Council, the more the Council has to take note of local feelings. It must be emphasised that this site has a combined output of three types of transmissions - radio wave transmissions on the medium waveband (how many stations?), powerful transmissions which have to get to distant satellites sent on narrow beams, and mobile phone transmissions

A second public meeting was held at Dutch Nursery on Monday 30 July 20001 attended by up to 100 residents, at which they were brougyt up to date on the actions and legal enquiries made.

The Committee met on 19 Sept 2001. They are to obtain further evidence from emission testing in the area. They have written to Melanie Johnson, the local MP. In her reply she says she has written to the local council to ask what action can be taken about the curent planning appplications and the basis for planning permissions given in the past, particularly in regard to the Master Plan for the site. The Action Committee striongly believes that this site is being over-developed and has a recent aerial photo which illustrates this point.