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Lists of planning applications - Welwyn Hatfield Council website now contains lists of each week's planning applications. We now list only those in North Mymms parish on our website. You can view the official list on www.welhat/gov.uk and clicking on 'planning applications' on the home page.


Welwyn Hatfield District Plan review – earlier this year we discovered that the owners, of proposed developers, of three areas of land adjacent to Welham Green are trying to have their land taken out of the Green Belt and used for housing.  They are 52 acres at Marshmoor (between the railway and A1000 northwards from Dixons Hill Road up to the junction of the A1000 and a1001 South Way), Skimpans Farm meadows (10 acres between the railway and Station Rd, south of Bulls Lane, owned by the Crawford Trust - NOT the owners of Skimpans Farmhouse, Bulls Lane), and 2.2 acres at the end of Welham Manor, off Dixons Hill Road). If these three sites are allowed for housing they could increase Welham Green by 700+ dwellings, from about 1,400 to 2,100+. This 50% increase would destroy the village concept of Welham Green.

To alert local residents, we have held two public meetings at the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre on 19 May and 30 June, attended by about 200 and 120 respectively.  We also circulated two Newsletters, the first to 1,600 addresses in Welham Green and the second to about 3,000 addresses in North Mymms parish i.e. Welham Green, Brookmans Park and Little Heath.  We had nearly 400 responses to the first petition which were handed over by our President Bob Wilson and various committee members to Councillor Mandy Perkins at Welwyn Hatfield Council, who is responsible for environmental issues.  Over 500 responses to our second petition were also delivered to Cllr. Perkins.

Cllr Perkins has written to thank everyone for their support of the Council’s position – the Council does not see any need to take any land out of the Green Belt for housing before 2011 which is the end period for the proposed update to the District Plan.  She conformed that our letter and the petition have been brought to the attention of the Inspector conducting the Public Inquiry, and we will be advised of his response.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Fourth site – We have also discovered another site, on Hawkshead Road, Little Heath.Potters Bar where the owners want part of their land taking out of the Green Belt.  The land is the front parts, nearest the roadway, of Taum Farm, Studlands, Videne and Osbourne House Farm.  We have written to the Council objecting to this proposal as being unnecessary just like the other three sites listed above.  The Council sees no need to alter the Green Belt boundaries.

Folly Arch – Good news – the work has been completed.  Cracks first appeared in the Arch in late 1998 and supports were put in place to ensure that it did not collapse. In late 1999 remedial work was scheduled to start but a week beforehand the cracks widened.  We, the Parish Council and District Council have been campaigning ever since for the work to be done, which is part grant funded by English Heritage.  Work finally began in March 2003.  The owners had claimed that the cedar tree in front of the Arch contributed to the destabilising of the Arch causing the cracking.  It is on Herts CC Highways land.  The cost of £112,000 was part financed by an 88% grant from English Heritage 

Fly tipping and litter - In December 2002 we wrote to Welwyn Hatfield Council offering to buy a spy-camera which would be sited at fly-tipping blackspots in the area. In April we learned that the Council has spent £1500 to buy its own camera which will be deployed for 30 days in each spot and operated by remote control. Signs will be erected to warn people that filming is happening in the area. Likely spots include Bradmore Green, Grubbs Lane, and Hawkshead Lane. It looks like 'great minds think alike' .  However there has been no sign of this spy camera in our area, as at December 2003.

In our Annual Newsletter issued in February 2003 we asked people to notify us by 30 April which places they considered to be the worst blackspots in the area. We will collate the information and advise WHDC of any not already earmarked by them.

We also intend to arrange a litter collection at the worst spots and will donate money to the Scouts if they will assist us. We are grateful to one of our members who has donated a further £50 for us to pass on to the Scouts for their help. Many thanks.

Land off Coopers Lane, Potters Bar, backing onto Northlands, is in the Green Belt. It has been acquired by a company that is now selling off small plots. Their hope is that permission might be granted sometime, for a change to residential use. Welwyn Hatfield Council have told the Northlands Residents Assoc that permission is unlikely. The Daily Mail featured this situation in an article on 14 Feb. Through this website we were contacted by the Daily Mail and put them in touch with the Northlands Residents Assoc. Click here for the latest London Green Belt Council 'Notes' for a possible answer to this national problem.

Our AGM - about 100 people attended our AGM on 24 March. We were sorry to lose (alphabetical order) Sally Banks, Brenda Marcus and Bill Storey from our committee for various reasons. Draft minutes will be put on this site very soon.

Planning Applications we have objected to in 2003 –

Folly Arch – we wrote to English Heritage expressing our concern that no work appeared to have been done to stabilise the towers.  EH have replied to say that such work has been done, but it was not obvious. See above

Firs Farm, Woodside Lane, Bell Bar – use as garden and building storage and stables – we objected being inappropriate in the Green Belt.  WHDC have refused permission

Willows, Marshmoor Lane, Welham Green – convert stables into dwelling and erect new stable block – we objected as inappropriate in Green Belt. WHDC refused permission.  People are still living there despite losing their appeal to site a mobile home on the site.

Land at rear 2,2a and 4 Dellsome Lane, Welham Green – erect bungalow – we objected as out of character and cramped.  WHDC have refused permission.  A revised planning application has been submitted in January 2004.  Refused 27.2.04 – cramped and bus stop cannot be moved.

Car wash at Rookery Café, Great North Rd, near Welham Green – this is an unauthorised change of use of Green Belt land, the sign was unauthorised, and we are concerned that waste water might contaminate the stream at the rear of the site.  The sign has now been removed.

Land at rear 54/56 Holloways Lane, Welham Green – erect two semi-detached houses, one of 2 beds and one of 3 beds – we consider the proposal would be too cramped.  Revised plans have been submitted in December 2003 for two 2-bed semis.  Plans approved by WHDC in Feb 2004

Land at rear 39& 39a Osborne Rd, Little Heath – erect new house – we are concerned that there will be no off-road parking for 39 Osborne Rd.  A further planning application has now been submitted including a garage at the side of 39 Osborne Rd, but the new drive at the front of the house is very close to the busy junction with Heath Road.  We have objected since the cross over is too close to this busy road junction.  The plans have been approved.

1 Warrengate Road, North Mymms – Welwyn Hatfield Council refused to give a certificate of lawfulness for the extended use of this haulage business site to include storage of materials.  An Enforcement Order was issued and the owner appealed.  We attended the Public Inquiry on 9/10 September at the Council offices.  In our opinion, the case depends upon whether the Planning Inspector approves the use of the site for the apparent use as a plant hire business as well as the haulage business.  We spoke and gave our objections to the storage of the ‘cherry picker’ storage platforms on this Green Belt site.  Inspector’s decision – joint use as haulage and plant hire, but with restrictions on hours of moving or operating plant, and 5m maximum height of plant when stored.  We have notified residents of Warrengate Road and asked them to report persistent non-compliance.  We have noted that the plant is now stored in a folded position.

1757/2002 - land next to 45 Bullens Green Lane, Colney Heath - permission sought to erect a house on this Green Belt land. Permission has been refused by the Council

1766-2002 - land at rear 148a Dixons Hill Rd, Welham Green - permission sought to erect 3 houses on this 0.75 acre Green Belt land. Permission has been refused by the Council.  In Sept 2003 the appeal was dismissed by the Planning Inspector on the grounds of too low a density at 11 dwellings per hectare compared with a Government recommended minimum of 30.  It was not dismissed on Green Belt grounds.  On our behalf London Green Belt Council has taken up with the Deputy Prime Minister.  The Housing Minister, Keith Hill replied in general terms saying that the government is strongly in favour of maintaining the Green Belts.  However it might be feasible, for instance, for a housing scheme on a previously developed site to make more efficient use of the site without exceeding the existing footprint or harming the openness of the Green Belt.  A new planning application 2003/1759 was submitted in December 2003 for 9 houses on this site i.e. above the minimum number given in the current housing guidance.  We have objected.

1780/2002 - White Lodge Farm, Bulls Lane, Bell Bar - retrospective permission sought to demolish the slaughterhouse and erect a residential annexe. We have not objected but asked for the continuation of a planning condition that this annexe cannot be sold off separately from the main dwelling.

120/2003 - land at junction of Bell Lane and Bull Lane - convert stable into residence. We have objected being in the Green Belt. Note that a previous application to store a caravan on this site was refused by the Council and also on appeal.  WHDC have approved this application in September 2003, and we asked for a copy of the report to the Planning Control Committee.   Having read the report we have written to WH Council expressing our dismay at the decision. 

686/2002 - land at rear 20 Booths Close, Welham Green - erect a dwelling - refused by the Council and an appeal has been lodged. we have re-affirmed our objections to this backland development.  Update 7 Aug 2003 – appeal dismissed.  Out of keeping with the area and access too far from the road to be properly serviced.

150/2003 - Univ of Herts, Angerland Common, South Way, Hatfield - replace sports pavilion, new playing fields and 'park and ride' facility - Green Belt land. Although 'park & ride' is now an appropriate use of GB land, there has to be a prior survey to prove that this is the most appropriate site in the area. this survey does not appear in the supporting documents, so we have asked for one to be done. the proposed replacement pavilion does not appear of sufficient size to accommodate everyone if all 6 playing fields and mini-fields are being used at the same time.  In November 2003 we heard that discussions were still taking place between Univ of Herts and Herts Highways.

318/2003 - RVC - additional facilities (outline appl) - the RVC has given us full details of why they need to expand and move their Major Developed Site boundary mainly towards the northwest. We accept their very special circumstances and have commented on the need for WHDC and the Highways Authority to deal with the existing and future traffic problems on Hawkshead Lane.

319/2003 - Queenswood school - swimming pool building - it is outside the existing MDS boundary so we have objected, in line with our comments on their draft update of their master plan. Approved by the Council subject to conditions.

350/2003 - Marshmoor Bungalow, Great North Rd - detached triple garage - we have written to WHDC saying we object if this is in addition to existing outbuildings, but not if it is replacement. Withdrawn by the applicant.

859/2003 – Rose Cottage, Leggatts Park – enlarge floor area – the footprint will increase by nearly 50% according to WHDC. WHDC refused plans to increase the size of Rose Cottage by nearly 50%.  We had objected to this increase.  Michael Shanly Homes appealed against this refusal, but have also submitted fresh plans for Rose Cottage.  On 5 January 2004 the Planning Inspectorate dismissed the appeal.  Michael Shanly had reduced the size of the Gate House and wanted to trade that reduction in floorspace to increase the size of Rose Cottage. Appeal dismissed. The Inspector decided that planning policies do not permit this trade-off in floorspace between replacement dwellings.  Also Rose Cottage is visible from the A1000 to the increased size would be visible and reduce the openness of the countryside.



916/2003 - Bell Bar Farm, Woodside Lane - convert a stable into a dwelling plus a new garage.  We objected, but it has been approved by WHDC.  We have asked for more information as to why it was approved.


1231/2003 - 2 Georges Wood Rd, Brookmans Park  – demolish the house and erect six 2-bedroom flats with 9 car parking spaces.  We have objected as being out of character with the road and the village as a whole. The only other flats are at Station Close and over the shops in Bradmore Green.  The District Plan standard for this size and type of development is 14 car spaces.  With only 9 spaces, there will be on-street parking adjacent to the junction of Georges Wood Road and the A1000, a section where traffic is increased during school run times because of Chancellor’s School.  WHDC refused permission as out of character with the area.  A new planning application has been received ref. 1623/2003 which is very similar to the refused plans, so we have objected to it. See actions 2004 for progress


1473/2003 – land at rear 54/56 Holloways Lane, Welham Green –erect one 2-bed and one 3-bed semis.  We objected as back land development and overdevelopment of the site.  Plans changed to two 2-bed semis which were approved by WH Council 23.2.04 on condition that the garages were only used for parking cars, to ensure there was adequate car parking provision.

Traffic Commissioner's notice - application for Goods vehicle operator's licence - P Brennan, Lindon Lodge, Bull Lane, Bell Bar - operating centre for 4 goods vehicles and nil trailers. We have objected strongly to this change of use of GB land, copying to WHDC because of the planning aspect. We also said that the lane is too rural for this type of traffic, and that the property backs onto four houses in Foxes Lane, disturbing the quiet enjoyment of the residents. It is out of keeping with the rural nature of the area. The applicant has been refused permission

Marshmoor Lane, The Willows - people are still living on this site so we have contacted WHDC again.

Air Transport expansion in SE England consultation paper - the new version includes Gatwick airport. We have repeated our previous comments.

Welwyn Hatfield District Plan review - We attended the Public Inquiry on several days because of objections that appear to involve the Green Belt in our area i.e. Skimpans Farm south of Bulls Lane, Welham Green, and Marshmoor, off Dixons Hill Road, Welham Green. See minutes of our committee meeting on 14 April 2003. and 12 May

We have commented on the draft master plan for Queenswood School. We have also attended a public meeting held by the Royal Vet College at which they explained the background and proposals contained in their own draft master plan covering the next 20 years. See above for our views on the RVC draft masterplan.

We attended the Public Inquiry at Campus West, WGC on 7 and 20 May, and will attend on 24/25 June when Green belt issues will be dealt with. This Inquiry goes on until the end of July 2003 and the Inspector will report to Welwyn Hatfield Council by February 2004 when he will advise which proposed changes should be included in the final version of the District Plan.

Welham Green public meeting 19 May 2003 - As part of the updating of the District Plan, proposals have been made for three areas of land to be taken out of the Green belt and used for housing. They are 52 acres at Marshmoor (between the railway and A1000 northwards from Dixons Hill Road up to the junction of the A1000 and a1001 South Way), Skimpans Farm meadows (10 acres between the railway and Station Rd, south of Bulls Lane, owned by the Crawford Trust - NOT the owners of Skimpams Farmhouse, Bulls Lane), and 2.2 acres at the end of Welham Manor, off Dixons Hill Road). If these three sites are allowed for housing they could increase Welham Green by 700+ dwellings, from about 1,400 to 2,100+. This 50% increase would destroy the village concept of Welham Green.

We distributed a special Newsletter in Welham Green telling everyone about these proposals and a public meeting we were holding on 19 May, and inviting people to complete and return a form opposing these proposals.

About 185 people attended the meeting and passed a resolution which we have passed on to Welwyn Hatfield Council. As at 2 June we have had over 330 forms completed and returned to us, supporting our action. This is a 20% response, which indicates the strength of feelings in Welham Green. We are holding an extra committee meeting on 2 June to agree our next actions. Our thanks to Maggie's Cafe (now Cafe Redmond), Dellsome Lane, for acting as a collection point for the return of forms. It was used to return 170 of the 330+ forms, proving the value of a central collection point.

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