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Newsletter February 2007.  Click here for a copy

Gypsy and Travellers proposed site.

Arising from a requirement  by the East of England Regional Assembly, Welwyn Hatfield is ‘required’ to provide 17 pitches (one per family and may contain one or two caravans).  Consultants have identified only one possibly suitable site in the whole of Welwyn Hatfield, located on Bulls Lane, Bell Bar.  Consultation is due in Spring 2008.  This Society is examining the evidence in the consultants report to see if there are grounds for opposing this proposal.  Our MP Grant Shapps is holding a public meeting at 5.30 pm on Friday 7th December ( deferred to 18th January 2008 because of a local by-election) in the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre, Station Road, Welham Green on this subject.


Waste Disposal site.

Herts County Council, like all county councils, is having to reduce the amount of waste which is tipped into landfill holes.  Research has been carried out and further research is being done, to identify the best sites for new facilities.  There is a need to reduce waste, increase recycling to 50%, and deal with what is left, minimising the amount having to go into landfill..  At the moment the county has to dispose of 3 million tons of waste a year, pf which 600,000 tons is domestic waste, and this will increase as more homes are built, and more businesses created.  One potential site is New Barnfield, Travellers Lane, Welham Green.  The access is via the roundabout on the A1001 South Way, South Hatfield – the same access road used by Mitsubishi and Tesco.  The land is owned by the County Council and is a brownfield site within the Green Belt.  At this stage it is too soon to speculate as to whether the site will prove suitable, and for what type of waste disposal facility.


Friday Grove.

The owner lost his appeal against refusal of planning permission for a large house on this site, situated at the junction of Hawkshead Road, Hawkshead Lane, and Bluebridge Road, just south of Brookmans Park.  The 21 acres were offered for sale at an auction but failed to reach the minimum price being sought, and was withdrawn from the auction.   

East of England Plan.

The final version of this Plan has been delayed due to further research to check for compliance with an EU Directive.  In November 2007 the Go-East has started consultation on the changes arising from that research.  The Final EEP is now expected in Spring 2008.


Korean visitors

North Mymms District Green Belt Soc hosted a party of 7 Koreans on Monday 7th May 2007.  Through this website we were contacted by Mrs. Way Lee, who is a senior researcher at the the Department of Urban and Landuse Planning in Gyonggi Research Institute(GRI) .  GRI was founded in 1995 by the government of Gyonggi Province that surrounds Seoul, the capital city in South Korea. GRI’s main function is to establish policies for competitiveness of the Province and for the welfare of its people through professional and systematic research on various fields such as landuse planning, transport, governance, and environment etc.

 The Korean capital has similarities to London in that it is a magnet for people.  About 20 million live in the Greater Seoul area, which is 45% of the whole population of South Korea.  The green belts around the capital and 5 or 6 other large towns are under similar pressures as the 14 Green Belts in England

Way Lee is working on a project to improve the green belt in Gyonggi Province. She is interested in the management of green belts and the development in green belts in other countries. She and some colleagues are visiting London and Paris to see their green belts.  We showed them examples of what they are looking for being:

  • Salisbury Village, Hatfield which was in the Green Belt and is now housing including affordable housing, plus the Hatfield Business Park,
  • Former workshops at Potterells, off Station Road, between Brookmans Park and Welham Green which is now housing,
  • Former farm buildings at Home Farm, North Mymms Park which is now housing
  • Angerland Common, South Way, Hatfield.  It was just football pitches and is now being developed as a Park and Ride and also a stadium for Hatfield Town Football Club, plus other foorball pitches and a cricket ground.  This is an example of transport and leisure facilities in the Green Belt, and   
  • Parkfield Park off High Street, Potters Bar where the Watling Chase Community Forest has been carrying out improvement work since 2002.

 The party were entertained  for lunch by our chairman, Mrs Claire Taylor and her husband Jeremy, at their home.  After their London visit they moved on to Paris to see their green belt.


East of England Plan.

See our Newsletter 2007 (above) for our actions on the Government’s Proposed Changes to the draft East of England Plan which was issued in December 2006.


827 residents have returned the letter of objection, some having added their own comments.  They have all been sent to the Government Office-East at Cambridge who received them on Monday 5th March. This is well before their 9th March deadline for comments.  We thank everyone for this massive demonstration of opinion about the latest proposals in the East of England Plan.  We shall now have to wait until summer at the earliest for the final version of the EEP.  Let us hope that the Government has taken due note of the points raised.


Actions, appeals and planning applications in 2007, in alphabetical order of street name


5 Bell Lane, Bell Bar.  Extensions.  We objected as apparently being an overdevelopment in the Green Belt.  However the net increase in size over the original dwelling turned out to be 36% which is acceptable.  The application was approved by the council on 18 Jan 2007.


8 Bell Lane, Bell Bar.  New garage.  An appeal has been dismissed on 25 May 2007 against refusal of permission to demolish the feed store (now a garage) and erect a new garage.  A condition in the original approval to convert the stables into a bungalow required demolition of the feed store because the floor area had been incorporated into the proposed dwelling.  The bungalow would have been 87% larger than the stables but by using the feed store area this reduced the increase to 29%, which was an acceptable increase. 


Pet Farm, Bell Lane, Bell Bar.  2007/1405.  New entrance gates from Gt North Road.  In the Green Belt.  We did not object but it was withdrawn 22.11.07.


Land at the Chapel, Bell Lane, Bell Bar.  Change of use to residential, demolish stables, erect an extension.  We have objected on Green belt grounds but we do note that the stables opposite were given permission for conversion to a bungalow a few years ago.  Approved 12.3.07


Flint Cottage, Blackhorse Lane,  South Mimms.  2007/1323.  Change use to residential and livery stables.  We objected as a commercial enterprise on Green Belt land, not in keeping within the densely wooded location and lack of grazing land.  It was refused on 20.12.07.


58 Bluebridge Road.  Demolish and erect flats.  Overlooking the Green Belt, this application was refused.  A new application 2007/1477 for 5 flats was made and we objected again.  It was approved 17.12.07.


Friday Grove, Bluebridge Road, Brookmans Park.  The Public Inquiry arising from the appeal was held on 5th , 6th and 25th June in the Council Chambers, Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, and was open to the public.  We attended all three days and spoke, as did the North Mymms Parish Council and Gobions Woodland Trust representatives.  The Inspector’s decision report is due about 16th July.  The appeal was dismissed on Green Belt grounds. 


Raybrook Farm, Bluebridge Road  2007/305.  Demolish dwelling and erect replacement dwelling.  We objected since this will create two dwellings on the same plot where there is only one.  It will reduce the openness of the Green Belt and increase the visual impact.  We will question whether or not two sets of Council Tax are being levied.  Refused 12.4.07


Stables adjoining Raybrook Farm, Bluebridge Road, Brookmans Park.  We drew attention of the council to the apparent permanent occupation by someone at these stables.  The council visited the site and found nothing that would qualify as permanent residential use.


Linden Lodge, Bulls Lane, Welham Green.  2007/1094 and 2007/1097.  Change use to residential and erect new garage and store.  We objected in line with previous objections.  Both were refused on 25.10.07.


White Lodge Farm, Bulls Lane,, Bell Bar.  2007/1540.  remove condition re annexe.  We objected to this annexe being clased as a separate dwelling but it was approved. 


40 Dixons Hill Road, rebuild detached garage with room over.  This is on a large plot of land.  We asked for a condition that the room should not be used for habitable purposes to prevent it subsequently becoming the basis for a separate dwelling.  Permission was refused on 17 Jan 2007.  A new application 2007/1636 was submitted with a lower roof and it was approved 14.2.08.


13 The Gardens, Brookmans Park.  2007/1337.  Demolish and erect block of 4 flats.  Not in Green Belt.  We objected as overdevelopment and inappropriate at that location.  Refused 7.11.07.


4-6 Georges Wood Road, Brookmans Park.  2007/1235.  Demolish and erect 9 flats in two blocks.  Not in the Green Belt but we objected as an over-concentration of flats at this busy junction.  Application withdrawn 9.10.07.


Rookery Cafe, Gt North Road.  Car wash.  This unauthorised car wash is still operating and we have chased the council for action.  It seems as though planning laws are unable to stop this operation and environmental polices may be used instead since the used water runs off into a stream.


RVC, Hawkshead Lane 2007/426 New extension.  We did not object but drew attention to the light pollution caused by the lights left on at night in the main building.  The application was approved.


Tanum Farm, Hawkshead Road, Little Heath.  Change of use from stables to offices.  We objected on Green Belt grounds and the application was withdrawn on 15 Feb 2007.

Tanum Farm, Hawkshead Road.  2007/380/LU      Cert of lawfulness for existing use of detached building as a single dwelling house.  We will question if it has been used as a dwelling for 4 years.  We checked previous correspondence and the Enforcement Order item at a recent Welwyn Hatfield Council planning meeting.  (File shows the barn was erected in 2003 and then used as a dwelling so the 4-year period may, or may not have expired.  Enforcement action was approved in December 2006). No action can be taken until an appeal has been decided which is being held on 22/23 July 2008.


1 Home Farm Rd, North Mymms.  2007/1653.  Double garage.  We objected since the original development used all the allowance for floorspace, and it would be highly visible from the cricket field.  It was refused 20.12.07.


5 Kentish Lane, Brookmans Park.  Outline application to build a 6-bed house in the rear garden with access to the A1000.  We objected on Green Belt grounds and the dangerous access onto the A1000 at that point.  Permission was refused on 8.3.07.

5 Kentish Lane, Brookmans Park.  2007/1622.  New entrance gates and front wall.  We objected since the gates did not appear to be set back sufficiently from the roadway.  It turned out to be incorrect measurements on the plans and it was approved 17.1.08


39 Kentish Lane, Brookmans Park  Demolish and erect new dwelling.  We commented that the replacement house would be more than 50% larger than the current house.  The application has been withdrawn.


53 Kentish Lane, Brookmans Park  Demolish and erect new dwelling.  We commented that the replacement house would be more than 50% larger than the current house.  The application has been refused. 25.5.07.  New application 2007/1242 – we objected as an increase of more than 50% on the original building.  It turned out that the increase was less than 50% and it was approved 16.10.07.


The Willows, Marshmoor Lane.2007/382/LU  Change use to single dwelling house. We objected on Green Belt grounds.  No decision has been made.


Barnet & District Angling Club, Shepherds Way, Brookmans Park.  2007/383.   25m mobile phone mast     .  We objected on Green Belt grounds, visible from all directions being surrounded by open countryside and mentioned the appeal dismissed for a 15m mast at the Rookery Cafe, Gt North Rd.  Refused on 2 June 2007.


Mymwood House, Shepherds Way.  2007/421 & 422        Remove prefab building a d erect extension.  We objected on Green Belt grounds as overdevelopment.  (It will add a net 37% onto the original building which is usually acceptable but the design is out of sympathy with the original Listed building) Approved 13.6.07


Well House, Lysley Place, Shepherds Way, Brookmans Park.  Extensions.  We objected as apparently being an overdevelopment in the Green Belt.  However the net increase in size over the original dwelling turned out to be 46% in floor area including stables, which is acceptable.  The application was approved by the council on 18 Jan. 2007.


Station Road, Brookmans Park.  Demolish buildings at the livery stables and erect two detached dwellings.  In the Green Belt, we have objected as being significantly larger than the currently occupied building, and it is located at a very narrow neck of Green belt.  It was refused 13.7.07.  A new application 2007/1441 was refused on 23.11.07 and an appeal dismissed on Green Belt grounds.


1 Swanland Rd, North Mymms.  Extensions.  In the Green Belt and we have commented that this plus previous extensions may cause a total increase of more than 50 over the size of the original dwelling. Permission refused 3.7.07.


Swanley Bar Farmhouse, Swanley Bar Lane, Little Heath.  Change of use to offices.  We have objected as a loss of a valuable residential dwelling in the Green Belt. Permission was given on 5 Feb 2007 but restricted to Realtime Plant Hire use.


172 Travellers Lane, Welham Green.  Extension of hours of operation for this industrial unit.  Two appeals were lodged against refusal of permission – one for 24 hour operation and the other for an extension on the hours.  The appeal allowed the extension of hours of operation.


Old Maypole, Warrengate Road.  2007/1135.  Gazebo smokers’ shelter.  We objected as being out of character with the Listed Building.  The application wa swithdrawn on 13.9.07.


Unit 3, Woodside Lane, Bell Bar.  Parking for 15 coaches and buses, and poster fabrication in the depot.  We objected on Green Belt grounds and permission was refused on 16 January 2007.  An appeal has been lodged in June 2007 against an enforcement order.  Also a new planning application has been lodged which is identical except the poster sign work will only be in part of the building.  The application was refused and the appeal dismissed, restricting the use of the land to the parking of buses and coaches.